Armor type: Long-Distance Specialized Protection Armor

Outfit Story

Yamabuki Armor

  • The third generation of Valkyrie armor, the design concept is "Long-Distance Specialized Protection Armor".
    Although there are some mismatch with the tone of combat armor, Bronya still has a small Homu badge in the collar.
  • "Yamabuki" is an armor that can only be used in long-range combat. Its best feature is the force field shield that can be deployed anywhere. This shield is centered on the user and can isolate most melee or beam weapon attacks.
    However, if the impact is too strong, the force field shield will be broken, which is especially evident in close combat with Houkai beasts.
  • In general, "Yamabuki" armor should be proficient in opening and closing the force field shield, and use the long-distance weapon to accurately strike the target in the gap between the protective cover.
    But Bronya never used weapons personally. Her battle was mainly carried out by the Remodelled Bunny 19c, and she has been supporting the protection of the protective cover - perhaps no one is more suitable for her armor than her.

Evening Fog

  • Named the fog because its color is similar to the evening scene. The flower of mist is a symbol of the seriousness and uncertainty of the girl.

Helena's Wings

  • The girl who dances in the air, like a beautiful and dreamy butterfly, seems to be fragile, but it reflects the unyielding scale of the metal plate. Her fighting posture is gorgeous and elegant, just like the bright smile of the goddess of light.

Candy Devil

  • A cute demon is on the street! Catch her when she's in a good mood and greet her-she'll give you candy!

Comet Drive

  • An enhanced battlesuit made for Bronya included with Anti-Entropy technology using the research results of Tesla's Eden Star. As the comet splits the dark night, it show the girl's willingness to fight.


  • Yamabuki means Gold Yellow in Japan
  • Because Bronya use Remodelled Bunny 19c to fire cannon, she don't have to open and close the force field shield.
  • The force field shield have infinite deploy distance, she can support other allies in blocking any physical attack. But in case the impact is too heavy for remote shield, Bronya have to manually deploy heavy shield to block the damage.
  • Many players use Yamabuki to pass the "don't get hit too many times" or "don't hit the trap".
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