X-10 Experiment is a cooperation product between Cocolia research facility and Cocolia Orphanage to develop and exploit the next generation humanoid combat weapons that can fight against Houkai, Cocolia hopes to give the mechanical armor spirituality.

The last experimentEdit

Cocolia secretly adopted a group of orphans and hoped to curb the Houkai through experiments. There are 4 previous experiments but all of them failed and last one choosen is 1 of 3 orphans: BronyaSeele and Sin.

Seele was taken out later on because she had the least Houkai resistance. However, she awakened her stigmata when dealing with Sin and learned of the experiment, so she showed Cocolia, who put her on the experiment.

While the test was successful, Seele's Houkai resistance was not strong enough and she began to disappear. She tried to see Bronya one final time, but disappeared into the Quantum Plane before she could open the door to their room. This essentially made her "dead" as she could only be reached and communicated with by visiting the Quantum Plane.

Bronya would later learn of the incident from Cocolia and threatened to commit suicide if she did not take part in the canceled experiment. From there, she would reunite with Seele, who was surprised to see her. Seele confessed her feelings to Bronya, and Bronya promised to get her out of the quantum plane. As Bronya had stayed in the plane longer than intended, part of her brain and her damaged legs were further crippled. Seele immediately gave Bronya a gift (Project Bunny 19C) and sent her back to the real world before the side effects could cripple Bronya even further. As a result of visiting Seele, Bronya lost her emotional receptors and had to rely on a biochip and exoskeleton in order to live.

The Dirac Sea ChamberEdit

Kiana, Mei and Bronya were teleported to a laboratory in Quantum Plane though a very powerful Spacetime Fracture. Later Bronya found the truth that as long she still believe Seele does exist, Seele will not get disappeared from Quantum Plane.

Houkai Gakuen 2 Visual Novel - Memory X-10 - Dirac Sea Chamber

Houkai Gakuen 2 Visual Novel - Memory X-10 - Dirac Sea Chamber

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