White Knight - Moonlight is a Creature-type battlesuit which excels in greatly supporting a team or dealing large amounts of DPS to a single target. She is one of the useful supports so investing on her isn't a waste as her performance on end-game is particularly strong.

White Knight - MoonlightEdit

Armor type: Long-Distance Annihilation Combat Armor


  • AoE Long / Short ranged attack with surprisingly high damage
  • Can trigger Spacetime Fracture without perfect evasion.
  • Looks badass

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Fracture, trigger without perfect evasion

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Shieldbreak and high damage with QTE Skill

Core-Feature DmgUP All members +100% crit rate with Team Skill

General SpecsEdit

Spacetime Fracture Float No
Branch Yes Charge No


QTE condition Float

Strong points and weak points Edit

Strong pointsEdit

  • Her Area of Effect has long and short ranged attack in which she can attack from afar or nearby.
  • Enabling Moonlight's QTE trigger condition comes with very high burst damage on a single target.
  • The only ranged character that can shoot and dodge from zombies and Houkai beasts.
  • Has top-class team skill.
  • One of the most useful and strongest supports in the game.

Weak pointsEdit

  • Has lack of damage against shield-on enemy when using normal attack, which makes her solo boss-killing particularly hard.
  • Despite being a support, Moonlight has lack of useful debuffs which is important in end-game especially in the Abyss.
  • Slow EP gain.

White Knight - Moonlight Skill SetEdit

Skill Kiana PT 005

Leader Skill - Nebula Spectra

Skill Nagative Control02

[Shared] Nebula Spectra

Team Crit damage +40%
+26% All-damage if there are 3 Creature members

Skill Kiana FX 001

Basic Attack - Spiral


Skill Kiana FX 001 -199250

Quadra shots
1st shot: 100% Physical damage
2nd shot: 100% Physical damage
3rd shot: 150% Physical damage
4th shot: 2*100% Physical damage

Skill Nagative Damage02

Meteor Flechette (Toggleable)

Kiana use scatter ammo on first 3 shots, deal 100% AoE Physical damage.
Heavily reduce damage against further enemies.

Skill Nagative Control03

[Shared] Meteor Flash

+70% Physical damage for enemies in melee range, increase SP gain slightly

Skill Kiana PT 003 -1105092

Evasion - Spacetime Evasion

Spacetime Fracture

Skill Kiana PT 003

Double Aerial / Handspring

Kiana can perform Aerial / Handspring 2 times, cd 2s
Activate Active Evasion trigger Spacetime Fracture for 3s, cd 20s

Skill Nagative Control01

Spacetime Aftershock (Switchable)

Normal Evasion trigger Spacetime Fracture but only last for 3s
Perfect Evasion increase Spacetime Fracture duration by 3s

Skill Nagative Damage03

Nebula Core SS-Rank

+5% Physical damage for each enemy affected by Spacetime Fracture, max 10 stacks.

Skill Nagative Control02

Spacetime Blink SSS-Rank

+1 Active Evasion charge
-2s Active Evasion cooldown

Skill Kiana YN 002

Branch Attack - Meteor Whirlwind

Skill Kiana FX 001 -199250

Meteor Whirlwind

After three consecutive shots, trigger branch attack will unleash Whirlwind
Whirlwind: 8*28% Physical damage

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Tag-in Attack - Nova Cyclone

Perform Meteor Whirlwind when Tag-in
+50% All-damage for Tag-in / QTE against floating enemies

Skill Nagative Damage02

Shared skill Twin Stars Vortex

Tap attack button during branch attack to perform extra Whirlwind, max 6 times.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Shared skill Rotating Star

+40% Whirlwind Physical damage to enemies in melee range, max 4 times.

Skill Kiana YN 004 -1105134

Ultimate - Nebula Storm

Skill Kiana YN 004

Gungnir Execution - 100 EP

Leap into the air and summon heavy Scientific Cannon to annihilate enemies on the ground.
Scientific Cannon: Deal total 2500% Physical damage, last hit knock back enemies.

Skill Nagative StartUp02

Shared skill QTE Attack - L.W.O.U Trigger QTE when an enemy is floating, cast Spacetime Fracture and unleash deadly rays to all targets. Dealing up to 50*40% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Valkyrja Burst

Consume all EP when using ulti, each EP +26% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Valkyrja Aftermath SS-Rank

Trigger Spacetime Fracture after ulti last hit for 5s

Skill Kiana PT 006

Passive Skills

Skill Nagative Damage03

Bullet Storm SS-Rank

+5/10/15% Crit rate when reach 20/50/100 combos

Skill Nagative Damage02

Impact Resonance

+150% Physical and elemental damage to stunned/paralyzed enemies

Outfit Story Edit

White Knight - MoonlightEdit

  • The 4th-generation Moonlight Armor was made, and only S-class Valkyries were qualified to use it. The high-speed gamma flow in armor continues to spread out from the joints behind it—in the form of a pair of fairy-like wings.
  • The Anti-Army Auto Tracing Gamma Ray Attack System, commonly known as [Light.Wing.Open.Up], is the military's remote annihilation ammunition carried by the armor, and it is also the proof that it is given the name of the skill - dozens of gamma-rays extended from the back. The flow of particles will cause a devastating blow to a maximum of 50 locked targets.
  • The heavy artillery particle cannon - the Gungnir is Kiana's favorite weapon, and in the case of the equipment, the White Knight - Moonlight, she can further use its armored propulsion system to take off and accurately measure the ground unit from a high altitude.

Dark DevourerEdit

  • The White Knight, who was eroded by the Houkai had her glory taken away. Just as the shadow of the projections swallowed the moon, the radiant light disappeared after shining, and the burning fire burned in the middle of the ashes.

Sunny BeachEdit

  • The bright color of this swimsuit is like ocean mist sparkling in the sunlight. It's an indicator of the wearer's cheerful personality. What's on the waist? It's a real sunflower!

Lemon SodaEdit

  • Delicious ice cold soda pop! This summer has Kiana's passion written all over it.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a prototype armor, Otto Apocalypse first gave this armor to Bronya Zaychik as a gift.
  • Although Kiana is a B-Rank Valkyrie, she can also wear S-Rank armour thanks to her White Comet outfit.
  • This armor can be further upgraded by adding Herrscher power.
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