The 4th Herrscer, Wendy, has the ability to create the ideal fluid, which is manifested in the ability to control the wind. Originally a destiny A-level Valkyrja, but legs were paralyzed because of the desire to implant gems in her legs. Later, because the feeling of hatred was controlled by the Houkai will, it caused a value of 2000HW in New Zealand, and became the 4th Herrscher.


Chapter 3: Poem of the Wind

"2000HW, then it should be able to destroy Hyperion in one shot." ― Wendy after becoming 4th Herrscher

A girl born in New Zealand lived a fulfilling life, until Schicksal came to New Zealand to recruit a Valkyrja[1], Wendy's excellent potential was selected by the Schicksal to become a Valkyrja, and she was promoted to A-Rank Valkyrja in a very short time. Because of her excellent abilities, she could have become the fifth S-Class Valkyrja in Schicksal.

However, her legs were paralyzed because of her desire to be implanted with a Gem of Desire. Not only was she unable to exert the power of the gem, but she also lost the promising of a Valkyrja, which made Wendy hate her destiny.

Later, the research plan was stalled, but because of the Gem of Desire remain relatively stable only in Wendy's body, Wendy has since become a container for Gem of Desire and can only use a wheelchair to travel.

The protagonist and her party came to New Zealand to recycle the Gem of Desire, and found Wendy. On the way to Wendy's return to Hyperion, Bronya sympathized with Wendy and helped Wendy because of her paralyzed legs.

Before landing on Hyperion, Wendy was broken and controlled by the inner hatred, and became the 4th Herrscher.

Chapter 4: Betrayer have a Silver Smile

After the protagonist's pursuit and persuasion, Wendy gradually let go of her hatred, but at this time, Cocolia activated the Valkyrie System in Bronya, causing her to be controlled and attacked Wendy. Wendy feels that no one in this world can be trusted, and eventually runaway. Finally, Anti-Entropy Titan troops appeared, defeated both Wendy and Kiana, then brought Wendy back to the ME Industry.

When Theresa and her group sneaked into the ME Industry to launch a rescue operation, Wendy apologized to Theresa through Cocolia's communication and thanked Theresa for her teaching, and then lost contact. According to Cocolia, Wendy eventually died as the result of Gem of Desire in her body.[2]


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