Character Introduction

Welt Joyce was the first Herrscher in the current Era of Civilization. He was one of the founders of Anti-Entropy alongside Einstein, Tesla, and Planck. His name was given to him by Einstein.

In the Anti-Entropy Visual Novel, Welt Joyce was revealed to be responsible for the destruction of Berlin in 1952. He suffered from amnesia after the incident. Schicksal later captured him to perform various experiments for 3 years before transferring him to the Imperial Research Institute Lab 42 in London where Einstein and Tesla were situated in.

Welt Clones

These are clones made by Cocolia using DNA, it does not have the 1st Herrscher power but only mimic the power of 9th Herrscher without requiring a mimic God Key.

Welt ①

The original Welt clone first appeared as an artist and painted the cartoon "The Adventure of Homu", and later appeared as an Anti-Entropy lord who had the ability to control gravity.

He broke into the female dormitory of St. Freya HS in an attempt to obtain the core of the 3rd Herrscher, by lying to be the secretary of the high school. And after being seen, he easily overpowered Bronya, Fu Hua, Mei, etc...

Later, Welt was defeated by "Lightning Knight - Moonlight" but successfully escaped. While in the forest he accidentally bumped into Welt Yang, and was preparing to kill him but was suddenly disrupted by Einstein, then he killed by Welt Yang.

Welt ②

Reappeared in "Moon Shadow" comic, Welt Joyce's second clone is in the order of Cocolia to capture Dr. March, the scientist who stole a Herrscher core from Schicksal. During the wait for Cocolia in Singapore, a trap was set up in the hotel where he was staying. Using the poisonous spider mech he carried, he used it to stun Fu Hua, who had come to hunt for the doctor. In the end, he got beaten by Fu Hua's unmatchable speed.

Become a new unit of measurement

In the "Houkai Classroom" comic, Bronya gave the name of Welt ① and ②.

The name 'Welt' has now become a unit of measurement for combat power in the world of Houkai.

It is said that the strength of Fu Hua, who is not wearing thigh socks, is equal to 10 Welt.


  • According to Welt Joyce, Lieserl Albert Einstein is 4 years older than him.
  • His name "Welt" comes from Lieserl Albert Einstein because Ω1 doesn't remember his real name. Ω = W, Welt (German) = World
  • He can speak German, English, Russian, Latin as well as both Japanese and Chinese too.
  • On 21/10/1950, he received his fake family name "Joyce" from Einstein (on his passport). This is a reference to James Joyce, the author of Ulysses.
  • In the Anti-Entropy visual novel, you could see Welt recalling a lot references from many literary works, especially Divine Comedy (written by Dante). This was because during his 3 years of being experimented on, Otto gave him a lot of books to read.
  • The original Welt Joyce died from an injury and gave his Herrscher core and the name "Welt" to Welt Yang.
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