Violet Executor is a Mecha-type Theresa battlesuit dropped at Rank S.

Violet Executer

4th Gen Armor type: External Houkai-Powered Armor

Outfit story

Violet Executer

  • Mech armor "Violet Executor" belongs to Theresa and no one knows when it was made. It appears that this armor has some specialized functions and was customized specifically to be worn by Theresa. It seems that Theresa only uses this battelsuit in dire situations, and usually sports her nun attire.
  • The upper part of the armor is made of highly elastic material and the skirt part is made of thicker protective armor. The spikes on the skirt will turn into sharp blades to chop the enemy when within proximity.
  • Another research and development goal of this armor is to collect more combat data to develop the 4th generation exclusive armor - "Blood Knight - Moonlight"
    "Moonlight" will activate the gene belonging to the emperor-class Houkai beast "Vishnu" in Theresa, which will make Theresa out of the usual power. In this form, the surface of the armor will also glow red light like blood.

Blood Knight - Moonlight

  • This is the world's first cute Theresa exclusive 4th generation Valkyrie armor!
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