Outfit StoryEdit

Valkyrja AccipiterEdit

  • Valkyrie Accipiter is Fu Hua's special Far East Branch valkyrja uniform.
    Fuhua, who was born in China, chose a home-style style when she customized her uniform. Like any other martial art clothes, the light design allows Fu Hua to easily launch attacks.
  • Fuhua is good at using fist-like weapons. The uniform therefore includes specialized customizations in the wrist and sleeve so that she can quickly equip and take off her weapons.
  • A serious Fu Hua plus an unusual looking uniform, usually let the new female Valkyrja mistakenly think she is the teacher of St. Freya HS. Whenever Valkyrja asks for Fu Hua's instructions, she will never refuse, and will be as serious and rigorous as her personality to guide her students. However, they always feel that there is an inexplicable sense of distance on Fuhua.

Blue SwallowEdit

  • Every year during the Spring Festival, Fu Hua will be the representative of Shenzhou. It is forced by Himeko and others to put on the costumes of her hometown. Although she isn't very willing, this elegant dress is really suitable for her.
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