Outfit Story

Valkyrie Pledge

  • The uniform of the Valkyrie in the early days of the destiny.
    It has now been replaced by modern uniforms and will continue to be used in a few occasions. A very historical set of clothing. However, Theresa's uniform is much smaller than the conventional uniform, which has led to a decline in this sense of history.
  • The headscarf with a nun is the most representative design of this uniform but Theresa often appears without headscarf. This doesn't mean that she hates the headscarf, or she forget to wear it, just because the hangers with headscarves are a bit taller for her.
  • The uniform worn by Theresa is specially tailored, but in addition to her there is a person who is full of affection for this little nun.
    The designer of this special uniform, while the source of this custom uniform can't be found anywhere, the shiny emblem of the chest of the clothes seemed to have said everything.

No Veil

  • Seem to be the captain who prefers not to wear veil. =w=

Morning Sunshine

  • Though tailor-made for a certain bishop, no matter how you look at it, it looks like a child's swimsuit. The design cleverly covers the flaws of the body. Rumor has it the inner tube may fall down at any time... if you really believe it.

Sugary Girl

  • In order to welcome the New Year of the St. Freya Academy, Theresa also specially weared the traditional costume of China. But our head may have some wonderful misunderstandings about the Chinese culture - the word "girl" is best not to describe a person in her 40s.


  • The headscarf Theresa wearing is called Apostolnik or Habit Hat.
  • When equipping Sugary Girl outfit, she will throw Chinese hawberry (Tanghulu or 糖葫芦 in Chinsese)
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