White CometEdit

White Comet is the first character all players can get, easy to play but has overwhelming lack of damage on late game.


  • Melee attacker with constant DPS.
  • Good at interrupting enemies.
  • High survivability.

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Stun Stun

Core-Feature Float Float

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Shieldbreak

Core-Feature Tank Tanker

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Distortion

Core-Feature Burst Burst mode

General specsEdit

Spacetime Distortion Float Yes
Branch Yes Charge No


QTE condition Float

Gameplay videoEdit

Honkai Impact 3rd post-1

Honkai Impact 3rd post-1.6 - White Comet and Crimson Impulse gameplay

Strong points and weak pointsEdit

Strong pointsEdit

  • Useful in complete most of achivements
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy QTE trigger condition

Weak pointsEdit

  • Lack of damage
  • Boring combo attack

Valkyrja skillsEdit

Skill Kiana PT 005 Leadership skill - Comet Protection
Skill Nagative Survive01

[Shared] The Guide

All members HP limit +18%

Skill Kiana PT 001 -1105334 Basic Attack Skill - Meteor Target

Melee/Ranged - Normal attack

Skill Kiana PT 001 Gun Fu penta kicks
1st Kick: 100% Physical damage
2nd Kick or Shot: 100% Physical damage
3rd Kick or Shot: 100% Physical damage
4th Kick: 2*150% Physical damage
5th Kick: 250%  Physical damage
Skill Nagative Damage01 Meteor Fragment

+125 Physical damage

Skill Nagative Damage03 Comet Explosion - A Rank

Destroy enemy shield deal 1485 Physical damage

Skill Nagative Damage03 Comet Heartbreak - SSS Rank

40% chance to stun the target, duration 2s

Skill Kiana PT 003 -1105092

Evasion skill - Spacetime Evasion

Spacetime Distortion

Skill Kiana PT 003

Double Aerial / Handspring

Kiana can perform Aerial / Handspring 2 times, cd 2s
On perfect evasion trigger Spacetime Distortion for 3s, cd 15s

Skill Nagative Damage01

Spacetime Energy Flow

All members gain 5 EP when trigger Spacetime Distortion

Skill Nagative Damage01

[Shared] Spacetime Sparkle - A Rank

Spacetime Distortion cd -4s

Skill Kiana PT 002 Branch Attack - Falling Comet
Skill Kiana PT 001

Falling Comet

Double kicks followed by High Kick then Axe Kick
High Kick: 50% Physical damage
Axe Kick: AoE 275% Physical damage

Skill Nagative StartUp02

[Shared] Tag-in Attack - Comet Burst

Perform Axe Kick when Tag-in, stun enemy in 6s

Skill Nagative StartUp03

QTE Attack - Aerial Cyclone

Perform QTE attack at floating enemy, deal 375% + 2250 Physical damage. Stun enemy for 3s

Skill Nagative Damage01


Axe Kick +1125 Flame damage against shield-on enemy

Skill Kiana PT 004 -1105109 Ultimate - Valkyrja Burst
Skill Kiana PT 004 Burst mode - 100 EP

Consume 20 EP when trigger the skill
Lose 10 EP/s, increase attack range, attack speed and knockback resist

Skill Nagative Control01 [Shared] Valkyrja Impact

When trigger ultimate, deal 2610 AoE Physical damage to nearby enemies and stun them for 5s

Skill Nagative Skill03 Valkyrja Endurance - S Rank

All members increase knockback resist, defensive +100%

Skill Nagative Control02 Valkyrja Charge

Every 12s gain a stun charge, next attack stun an enemy for 3s

Skill Kiana PT 006 Passive Skills
Skill Nagative Damage01 [Shared] Comet shield break

+50% damage against shield-on enemy

Skill Nagative Damage02 Comet Crit - SS Rank

When HP above 80%, crit damage +40%

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