Hello everyone, this is Max, I want to say thanks to everyone who anticipated to this wiki and Happy New Year!


What's new in New Year 2019 update?

Improved mobile compability

Thanks to latest Fandom updates, now most pages can display contents correctly on mobile devices NY2019blog 1NY2019blog 2

Improved character stats update

Character stats and skills now have latest updates and S.E.C.R.E.T infos the game doesn't provide for you.

Character story rewritten

You may notice the character story now have many parts that isn't come from just "Houkai Impact 3rd" but also comes from other sources like Houkai Gakuen 2 (Guns Girl Z 2) and Houkai 3rd comics that related to Houkai Impact 3rd so you will have better world view about Houkai.

Also each valks now have Outfit Story

To do list 2019

Further improve user experiences

Complete valkyrja skill list

More character infos

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