Yae Sakura Leader Skill

Leader Skill- Sakura Dance

Skill Nagative Damage01

Sakura Dance

All characters in the team gain 17% Critical Rate at above 80% HP. All MECH-type battlesuits gain 30% All Elemental Damage.

Sakura Basic Attack 1

Basic Attack- Kansakura

Sakura Basic Attack 1

1st Sequence: 50% points of Physical Damage.

2nd Sequence: 80% points of Physical Damage.

3rd Sequence: 120% points of Physical Damage.

4th Sequence: 120% points of Physical Damage.

5th Sequence: 250% points of Physical Damage.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Ice Spirit

Each Basic Attack deals 35.0% points of bonus Ice Damage. 1st-4th Basic Attack sequences gain 30.0% faster Attack Speed, while the 5th sequence gives 30.0% Total Damage Multiplier buff for 8 seconds.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Energizing Flurry

Basic Attacks recover 15.0 kinetic energy upon landing a Critical Hit.

Skill Nagative StartUp03

Freezing Art

QTE is triggered when breaking enemy shield. Unleash a sword skill of frost that deals 600.0% points of Ice Damage and freezes enemies for 4 seconds.

Sakura Evasion 1

Evasion- Clone Step

Sakura Evasion 1

White Shadow

Ultimate Evasion summons a White Shadow. This shadow explodes after 1 seconds, dealing 200% points of Ice Damage to surrounding enemies. This skill has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill02

Shadow Breath

Recovers 120 kinetic energy instantly when Ultimate Evasion is triggered.

Skill Nagative Control01

Freezing Image

Enemies affected by White Shadow explosion have a 100% chance of being frozen for X seconds.

Skill Nagative Survive01


Shortens evasion cooldown by X seconds.

Gyakushinn Miko Special

Combo Attack- Instant Draw

Gyakushinn Miko Special

Consumes 200 kinetic energy to unleash Zankeki ULTRA. Kinetic energy caps at 1000 and slowly regenerates when character is deployed.


Deals 500 points of Physical Damage.

Zankeki ULTRA

100% points of Physical Damage + 200% points of Ice Damage.


100% points of Physical Damage.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Frost Fang

Each hit of Zankeki ULTRA deals additional 300% points of Ice Damage.

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Falling Sakura

Switch entry triggers an ice explosion that deals 180.0% points of Ice Damage to surrounding enemies. When Switch and QTE skills hit a target, then recover 200 kinetic energy.

Skill Nagative Survive03

Warrior's Pride

Gains Ignore Interrupt and 40.0% Total Damage Reduction when unleashing Basic or Combo Attacks. Each Zankeki ULTRA performed gives 1.50 SP.

Goushinnso Memento Ultimate

Ultimate- Frigid Rave

Goushinnso Memento Ultimate


Total of 900% points of Ice Damage, with the last hit freezing the target.


Shatters the ice to deal 1200% points of Physical Damage.

Energy Charge

Gains 250 Kinetic Energy upon unleashing the Ultimate, and gains 30 Kinetic Energy per 0.25 seconds for 10 seconds when Ultimate ends.

Skill Nagative Damage03


After using Ultimate, gains 30.0% Total Damage Multiplier for 12 seconds.

Skill Nagative Survive02

Bone Eater

For every enemy killed by the Ultimate, Sakura heals 550 Health Points to herself.

Skill Nagative Skill02


Recovers an additional X Kinetic Energy when using Ultimate.

Yae Sakura Passive Skill


Skill Nagative Damage02


Increases Physical and Elemental Damage done to stunned, paralyzed, frozen, and enemies slowed by Time Fracture by 40.0%.

Skill Nagative Skill01


Recovers X Kinetic Energy per second even when off the battlefield. Restores 30 Kinetic Energy per 0.25 seconds for 10 seconds after unleashing Ultimate.

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