Outfit Story Edit

  • Rita Rossweisse, the deputy captain of the "Blade of the Immortal", the most powerful female Valkyrie, the trusted adjutant of Durandal, and the mysterious valkyrie with strategy and skill. She is one of most powerful S-class Valkyrie in the organization, but her words and deeds... unexpectedly humility?
  • Rita is so low-key that people often forget that she is a S-class Valkyrie. Her attitude towards others is not a disguise, but a well-educated courtesy and elegance. Could she be a famous nobleman? However, there is no special record in the Valkyrie data.
  • Rita rarely mentions her past – and to be precise, she doesn't even talk about herself. But there are not a few people who are interested in her life. Unfortunately, in the face of Rita, who has no dead ends, most of the people who tried to investigate only ended up with a failure. Perhaps only the teammates and Durandal who belong to Blade of the Immortal will know some of the stories behind her.

Trivia Edit

  • Umbra means "shadow"
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