Stigmatas are either natural or artificial resistance which provides the eligible person with resistance against Houkai energy, which allows them to fight zombies and Houkai beasts without getting infected by the source. However, valkyries without natural Houkai resistance since birth are forced to have artificial transplants to protect them from the Houkai but side effects can occur.

Concept Edit

Stigmatas are the natural Houkai resistance in a valkyrja's body in the form of a tattoo. Normal human beings without stigmatas are vulnerable to the Houkai, in which the stigmata provides resistance to it. However, only few valkyries have access to their natural stigmata, which makes it hard to fight against the Houkai.

Artificial stigmata transplants are available but it has numerous and potentially dangerous side effects. Without natural resistance since birth, some valkyries are forced to have artificial stigmata to keep themselves temporarily safe. Having constant fights combined with the side effects can make the Houkai invade a valkyrja's body.

Lin burning out

Lin burning out.

If a valkyrja cannot resist the Houkai, they will be burnt out until nothingness or permanently lose all reasoning, which turns them into a dangerous zombie. Lin, a former valkyrja, was burnt out as a result of not resisting the will of the Houkai.

Zombie Himeko

A zombified Murata Himeko.

Stigmata Samples Edit

These are the stigmata of some valkyries from St. Freya.

BH2 Kiana Stig

The Wings of Pledge, Kiana Kaslana's stigmata.

BH2 Mei Stig

Raiden Mei's stigmata, the Thunder Empress.

BH2 Bronya Stig

Guardian Circuit, Bronya Zaychik's stigmata.

BH2 Himeko Stig

The Nexus System, Murata Himeko's artificial stigmata.

BH2 Theresa Stig

The principal of St. Freya High School- Theresa Apoclaypse's stigmata, the Eye of Providence.

Trivia Edit

- Lin, a deceased valkyrja which was burnt out by the Houkai's will, 6th Ruler's stigmata, the Feast of Souls, in which Seele Vollerei also had.

-A host can transfer their stigmata to another human, as demonstrated by Yae Sakura when she sacrificed her physical form in order to save Theresa and transferred her stigmata along as a result.

-Artificial stigmatas are actually data from known humans, such as Rulers, from Entropy, Anti-Entropy, valkyries, and miscellaneous and is stored by Schicksal.

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