Spacetime Deceleration is the name of an powerful ability within Herrscher of the Void (and later was developed by Schicksal as a device ability) to slow downtime to a fraction of its normal pace. This allows the user to increase interruption against enemies and execute combinations of attacks and other feats that would otherwise be impossible to do at normal speed.


With characters equipped with Spacetime Deceleration skills or gears that have the same ability, users can slow down enemies, leaving them open to a counterattack.

Spacetime Fracture

When activated, Spacetime Fracture slows down the passage of time during combat, sending out a ripple of energy from user and reducing the movement of surrounding environment. This allows the use of easy counter-attacking against enemies as they are left helpless by Spacetime Deceleration's effects.

If player triggered, the energy color will be purple while enemy triggered will have red color.

Known particle variants:

Spacetime Fracture Counter

Spacetime Fracture effect can be countered by another Spacetime Fracture on top of old effect, rendering countered target helplessly.

Spacetime Lock

When activated, Spacetime Lock turns enemies slowed down. This is accompanied with the visual effect of a purple vortex and may include other effects such as DoT or other visual effects.

Spacetime Boundary

When activated, Spacetime Boundary cause all enemies within the area slowed down.

This is the most powerful type of Spacetime Deceleration but there aren't much ways to get this effect.

Currently known source of this ability:


Spacetime Deceleration is originally a effect in Houkai Gakuen 2 called Time Stop. Targets having Time Stop status will be completely immobile and having clock icon (except player) on their head til the duration expired.

Sin Mal

Due to being Time Keeper, she also have access to Time Stop without needing HoV ability.

Houkai Gakuen 2 Sin Mal Spacetime Deceleration

Sin Mal Boss Spacetime Decelerated player in Houkai Gakuen 2, note that the clock in blackground will not spin during Deceleration

As a boss, whenever she reduce one main health bar, she will competely lock player in position, pull out either hour or minute clockwise to stab player.


Houkai Gakuen 2 Sirin Spacetime Deceleration

Sirin's Spacetime Deceleration in Houkai Gakuen 2

Players who use Sirin will have a special variant of Time Stop named Spacetime Deceleration which have 500% chance to trigger against attackers, dealing 1000 base Lightning Damage/0.2s. The effect last 3s, skill CD 5s.

Further customized upgrades have the ability to pull all nearby enemies to Spacetime Decelerated attackers.

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