Outfit StoryEdit

Snowy SniperEdit

  • Once belonged to [Ural Silver Wolf], the warm plush jacket can cope with the harsh environment of Siberia, but it can't warm the girl's cold heart.
  • In 2000, the Siberian region was caught in civil war due to the second Houkai. The orphans in the war were mostly adopted by warlords and cultivated into killing machine without feelings. [Ural Silver Wolf] is one of them. In her last assassination mission, the [Ural Silver Wolf] was failed during Cocolia assassination mission and was taken to the Cocolia Orphanage - and the life of Bronya Zaychik start from here.
    Bronya still retains this dress to commemorate the time spent in the orphanage.
  • Under careful maintenance, this jacket still retains the color of the year, but it can't be left. What Bronya has been waiting for is the familiar [sister].

Carrot and beet soupEdit

  • Bronya will never forget the taste of Seele's Carrot and Beet Soup.

Nightfall WitchEdit

  • Bronya's beloved Halloween costume, the Rabbit behind her was also painted into a matching pumpkin color. If you see her wear this on the street, you will definitely get a lot of candy, trick or treat!
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