Sirin (Japanese: セリン) was the Second Herrscher of the New World after Welt Joyce and Young. She dominated the power of the void.

The Second Impact Edit

The Second Herrscher after Welt Joyce, and dominated the power of the void. She became a Herrscher and started the Second Impact in 2000, at a Schicksal laboratory and has pulled the whole North Siberia into her void realm.

Rumours say that she was inhumanely experimented on and tortured by the tests and therefore awakened the Herrscher consciousness inside of her and took the girl's mind.

Sirin perished together with S-rank Valkyrja Cecilia Shania and four other A-rank Valkries (Squad Snow Wolf) in a series of nuclear explosions caused by a rain of missiles from Schicksal.

After Sirin's death, her Herrscher core has been divided into four parts, they are called the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame.

The four different parts are kept seperately by Schicksal and Anti-Entropy.

The Sirin Project Edit

In order to reappear Sirin's power, Otto Apocalypse has created K-423 using Sirin's DNA and techniques that cloned Theresa, his niece. However, this makes Sirin alive within K-423 and possesses a considerable amount of power, which is just as Otto secretly planned. Normally Sirin's power doesn't normally show up, but in some special conditions, her power would burst, dealing a large scale of destruction. The mysterious sound in Kiana's (K-423) head is actually Sirin's, but she doesn't have a clue.

Abilities Edit

Sirin is the Second Herrscher of this era and she was the only lawmaker that had complete control over her abilities for now. Her power allows her to create an ideal fluid, converting actual space into her own void realm. It also includes creating sized portals for attacking, defending, or both simultaneously as demonstrated by Sirin inside of K-423.

After her core has been divided into four parts, some of those parts had created the third Herrscher Raiden Mei (Domination of Thunder), daughter of the CEO of Massive Electric and the fourth Herrscher Wendy (Crave of Storm), a brilliant A-rank Valkyrja that had high potential to be an S-rank but later got taken over by the will of the Houkai and became a Herrscher.

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