Early character story

The family of Sin was originally a wealthy merchant family. Sin and her parents lived in luxurious villas and lived a fairytale life.

However, one day, a robber broke into the home of Sin. He killed Sin’s parents. Under the atrocities of the robbers, the Sin’s ability of the right eye wake up and see the sins inside the deep heart, the sadist Sin become incredibly powerful and killed the robber.

After the incident, when everyone discovered Sin, they didn’t see the shadow of the robber, only Sin holding the weapon and the parents lying in the pool of blood, the police didn't find any trace of the robber invasion, and didn't found the body of the murderer. The robber seems to have become an illusion of non-existence.

Although it is hard to believe that such a young girl will kill her parents, such rumors have spread. Sin has become an unexplained sign in the eyes of others. The devil's daughter, the deceased, is jealous.

Finally, two of the Sin’s relatives accepted her and enthusiastically assumed responsibility for raising Sin. However, although everything has returned to its original state, the original fairy tale has ceased to exist.

When the Sin's eye ability was liberated, the world she saw had undergone tremendous changes.

Her ability to hide "sin" in her eyes allows Sin to see its inner sin through the appearance of things. In the sight of Sin, people don't have the appearance of human beings, but become the embodiment of sin in their hearts. Those who are greedy for money will become distorted banknotes, and those who gluttony will be a gluttony mouth full of disgusting, the ugly will look like the demon of the seven sins.

This is the world that Sin see is ugly. Over time, she recognized this scene as "ordinary", and all sin has become the norm in her eyes. She used to seeing everything she have seen, and even accepting all these sins, because the self in the mirror is already a dark image.

Sin realized that she herself was also evil.

In a world full of sin, Sin spent a long time with Chaos in her sight.

She always lives alone and even forgets her feelings. At this time, a girl named Bronya broke into her world, a beautiful gesture she once forgot, a human soul without sin.

Sin is attracted by the pure posture of Bronya, looking at the beautiful Bronya, Sin seems to find a touch of emotion, facing this hostile girl.

Sin, showing a smile.

The encounter of the rainy night made Sin have a strong interest in Bronya, and this girl with a human attitude seems very nervous.

It was originally that Bronya was a member of the Rebel. She was escaping into the home of Sin while being chased by the police. In the face of the arrogant officer Bronya protected Sin.

Sin saw his parents from the back of Bronya, and the dark memories reappeared. The use of Sin blackening killed all officers and saved Bronya.

Three years later, Sin has grown up and turned into a beautiful girl, but she has always been obsessed with Bronya.

At this time, the family property of Sin has been squandered by the adoptive parents. At this time, the parents heard that a philanthropist warlord came to the city and opened an orphanage. In order to climb up to the warlord orphanage, the parents came to the orphanage with Sin. She arrived to Cocolia’s Orphanage.

She was even more surprised, the rebellious girl Bronya, who was rescued at the time, was also in the orphanage. Sin was happy to be a friend with Bronya, but she was rejected. Bronya looked at her, say: “You aren’t a human being, but a monster". After saying that Seele left, Sin stood in the same place, and she were slapped in the palm of their parents and fell into the mirror.

Unconsciously, she has already returned to her home. Her parents blame Sin for not having a good relationship with the daughter of Cocolia. Sin looked at the countless black shadows in the mirror and laughed at herself. The dark spirit gradually appeared and asked in her heart: “What you are supposed to be?”

Sin’s parents who broke with Cocolia decided to sell Sin to the local aristocrats. Sin recalled what Bronya said to her, "You are a monster, not a human being", and thought deeply. Sin, who had originally listened to the mother-in-law, finally refused his parents and turned to kill the nobility. Sin said that she didn’t want to be a monster, wanted to become a human being, and "has all the sinful human beings".

Sin killed her own adoptive parents, burned the whole house to ashes, came to the Cocolia’s Orphanage. The burned Sin with her burned hair, revealing a row of fangs, she was facing with Bronya and smiling: "Now I... looks like a person?"

Character Introduction

Sin is a sadist who enjoys spilling the blood of her enemies, especially those from Schicksal. She thinks very highly of herself and doesn't like competition from others.

After Young Sin incident

Following the incident in which she entirely burned her adoptive parents' house, she was then adopted by Cocolia as part of the X-10 Experiment, where she was selected as a candidate. As Bronya was also taking part, Sin became jealous and shoved her down a stairway, damaging her legs.

Seele Vollerei had seen the altercation but was helpless to stop her. She was determined to confront Sin, who mocked and abused her for being weak and helpless. Seele's stigmata then possessed her, shocking Sin as she did not expect such power from her. Seele then plucked one of Sin's teeth before subjecting her to the same treatment she had done to Bronya, which caused Sin to lose consciousness.

Despite not taking part in the X-10 experiment, Sin would continue to serve Anti-Entropy.

Xuanyuan Sword and Chiyou

Sin was tasked with finding the legendary Xuanyan sword, previously used by Jixuanyuan against the Houkai. She traced Schicksal's squad (Himeko, Kiana, Mei and Bronya) to an underground cavern and ambushed them with the mechas she had been given with.

While the squad managed to escape the trap and headed outside, Sin confronted them with even more mechas. However, Chiyou arrived and consumed both groups. Sin survived and rallied the remaining mechas, encountering her enemies again and attempted to attack them. Bronya stopped Sin and stated that they should work together to stop Chiyou, and told her one of her secrets. As they reached Chiyou's core, Sin became nervous and tried to take the mechas back with her, but Bronya had already hacked them. Sin left the group, not wanting to walk into "certain death" and would later be extracted from Chiyou's body.

Schicksal Intrusion Operation

She also participated in the "Schicksal Intrusion Operation" initiated by Theresa, appeared in the third airport suppression battle, and controlled the Titan of Flame against the zombies in the airport.

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