The Schicksal A-Rank Valkyrja (in VAS), a member of the Snow Wolf Squad under the leadership of Cecilia, and along with Cecilia to fight against The Second Houkai War.

Originally she yearned for the singer's feeling of shining, dreaming of standing on the stage, but in her most critical circumstances, Cecilia, who brought her hope, came to her. This made her change her mind. So, in order to follow the light of Cecilia, she became a Valkyrie, and hopes that she can also shine like her-

Dorm story

  • At the beginning, Shigure didn't intend to become a Valkyrie. She wanted to participate in the idol recruitment but unexpectedly met Salome, known as the "Native Dancer". Shigure didn't understand why has the well-known Salome also become a trainee idol. Unwilling to look bad in front of Salome, Shigure did her best and completed many grueling trials.
  • "Congratulations, you are already a member of Schicksal Valkyrja". The training camp supervisor patted Shigure on her shoulder and turned away.
    "Schicksal Valkyrja?" When Shigure lingered, she subconsciously looked at Salome.
    "The activity of the trainee idol is over. I haven't reminded you?" Salome joked.
    "You should have told me about this earlier!"
  • Although she became a Schicksal Valkyrja, she didn't intend to give up her dream of idols. After the day-to-day training, Shigure sneaked back to the training room to prepare for the dance. Unexpectedly, she actually met Salome again.
    "Don't put on that unexpected look. From today, I am your instructor."
  • Cecilia is the most beloved Valkyrie of the time. She is very talented, powerful, gentle and amiable, and she is dedicated to guiding her team members - the fighting skills she teaches can always come in handy for large and small occasions.
    However, Siegfried of the Kaslana family snatched Cecilia.
    It is rumored that many "bad rumors" of Siegfried came from Shigure, such as he "smacked every Valkyrie on the [CENSORED]".
  • What kind of weapon is the Black Abyss White Flower, many female Valkyries are full of curiosity about this thing, as the number one fan of Cecilia, Shigure is no exception. After that, Shigure made an arrogant request to her idol Cecilia. She hopes to see the weapons used by the strongest Valkyrie, Black Orchid and White Lily. She got her wish. She holds the Black Orchid and White Lily, and has a picture with it.
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