A Mecha-type Raiden Mei battlesuit which specializes in dealing burst damage to a single enemy target.

Shadow DanceEdit


  • A melee attacker with a good damage and constant DPS.
  • Very high mobility, can be geared properly to deal burst damage.
  • Extremely deadly in 1v1 battles.
  • Can summon phantoms.

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Float Float

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Shieldbreak

Core-Feature Lighting Paralyze, lightning damage with team skill

General SpecsEdit

Spacetime None Float Yes
Branch Yes Charge No
Debuff Paralyze QTE condition Stun

Strong points and weak points Edit

Strong pointsEdit

  • Can summon phantoms
  • Can clear floating mobs easily
  • High mobility, her dodge is quite fast for a Raiden Mei battlesuit.
  • Shadow Dance also has very high crit rate and heavy damage from side/rear attacks.
  • Have powerful team skilll in team co-op modes.

Weak pointsEdit

  • Lack of defensive stats.
  • Lack of Area of Effect damage, in which the current meta revolves around.
  • Broken QTE hitboxes

Shadow Dance Skill SetEdit

Skill Mei CK 005

Leader skill - Shadow Enhancement

Skill Nagative Survive01

Shared skill Shadow Enhancement

Team +18% crit rate when HP is higher than 80%

Skill Mei CK 001 -278845

Basic Attack - Penta Slash


Skill Mei CK 001

Penta consecutive slash

1st Slash: 80% Physical damage
2nd Slash: 80% Physical damage
3rd Slash: 100% Physical damage
4th Slash: 100% Physical damage
5th Slash: 250% Physical damage

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skillEndless Enchantment

Greatly increases dash range for Passive Evasion.
+120 Physical damage per Basic and Branch Attack.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Mind Enchantment SS-Rank

Basic and Branch Attack +40% Crit damage.

Skill Mei WS 003 -278957

Evasion - Storm Dash


Skill Mei WS 003

Single Quick Dash

Mei can perform Quick Dash forward/backward 1 time, cd 1s
Split: Activate Active Evasion will summon a phantom that dash forward to the target. Phantom has 25% of character's ATK and last 5s, only 1 phantom exist with Active Evasion.
Active Evasion cd 10s

Skill Nagative Skill01

Sharp Edge

Passive Evasion: Tap attack button after Quick Dash to perform Speedy Cut.
After Perfect Evasion +70% crit rate for 1.5s, cd 4s.

Skill Nagative Damage03


Phantom summoned through Active Evasion has ATK equal to 60% of character's ATK. Phantom duration extended to 7s.

Skill Nagative Survive03

Shared skillShadow Edge S-Rank

+1 Active Evasion charge, Active Evasion cd -1.5s.

Skill Mei WS 002

Branch Attack - Speedy Cut

Skill Mei CK 001

Speedy Cut

Dashes to enemy and knocks it airborne.
Can be activated after first Basic Attack.
Speedy Cut: 180% Physical damage and knocks enemies airborne.

Skill Nagative StartUp03

Tag-in Attack - Shadowless Blade

Tag-in will perform Speedy Cut and deal deals an additional 2*250% Physical damage to knocked enemies.

Skill Nagative StartUp02

QTE Attack - Shadow Blade

Perform QTE attack at stunned enemy, unleash an uppercut phantom blade dealing 220% Phyiscal damage then casting phantom blade spinning around dealing 4*160% Phyiscal damage.

Skill Nagative Skill02

Crescent Spin (Togglable)

Unleash a sweeping strike after Speedy Cut when tapping Basic Attack button, dealing 4*70% Physical damage.

Skill Mei WS 004

Ultimate - Tsukuyomi

Skill Mei WS 004 -278551

Tsukuyomi - 75 EP

Summon an Ultimate phantom that dash forward to the target.
Ultimate phantom: It has 50% of character HP, 100% of character ATK and CRT, immune to Physical damage; loses 10% of its max HP per second.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Sakura Shuriken

Ultimate phantom explodes when it disappear, dealing 300% Physical damage to nearby enemies and paralyzing them for 3s.

Skill Nagative Survive01

Shadow Swordsman

Ultimate phantom now has 80.0% of character HP.
Ultimate phantom only loses 7% of its max HP per second.

Skill Nagative Skill03

Shadow Alter Ego

Increases the number of Ultimate phantoms to 2 but decreases their ATK to 50% of character ATK.

Skill Mei CK 006

Passive Skills

Skill Nagative Damage02


+60% All damage for sidestab/backstab.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Shadow Boundary S-Rank

+30% Physical and Elemental damage for hitting Stunned / Paralyzed / Spacetime Decelerated enemies.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Ultimate Power SSS-Rank

+25 max EP, Ultimate EP cost +10 but the number of Ultimate phantom to 3 (Must unlock Shadow Alter Ego first).

Outfit StoryEdit

Shadow DanceEdit

  • For the Shadow Dance dress, most people think of her as "the ordinary girl who was chosen by the Houkai and became the Ruler".
    But in reality, this normal girl has another identity - master of all Far East forms of Bushido, and expert of Itto-ryu from the North Coast.
  • Itto-ryu of the North Coast is a type of Bushido, with every move aimed at depriving the enemy of their ability to fight and quickly bringing the battle to a close. Although this style of fighting is not effective against larger Honkai Beasts, Mei's fighting style will prove superior when facing humanoid type enemies.
  • Mei studied sword fighting under her father, Raiden Ryoma. Being unusually talented, she received the right to teach Itto-ryu at a very young age and began to develop her own understanding of kendo.
    Now, her father has already departed from her, but she still clearly remembers his instruction. She continues to hope that there will be a day when she gets to meet her strict, yet loving father once again.

Vast OceanEdit

  • Beachside of a small island in a tropical country. The women in swimsuit who play under the sunshine in the afternoon bring coolness and calmness in summer.

Soul SymphonyEdit

  • Mei always had a strange dream. In the dream, there is a girl wearing a attractive singing costume standing on the starlit stage. With the passionate music and shouting, the resonance of the soul is played. She doesn’t know why, Mei is a little yearning for the world of dreams.

Hind of NoelEdit

  • Mei finally reunited with the Captain and her friends in the Clock Tower of Frozen Time only to realize that her outfit doesn't fit with the rest.
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