Graphic options


This option only impact to your GPU performance

The higher resolution, the smaller aliasing you will able to see. This option doesn't change texture resolution.

  • Low: 25% of your device resolution
  • Med: 50% of your device resolution
  • High: 100% of your device resolution
  • Ultra: 200% of your device resolution or resolution through Resolution selector (PC Edition only)
  • Resolution selector: Have a switch that change resolution depending on your Windows selected resolution or manual mode (PC Edition only)


This option impact minor CPU performance and major GPU performance

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Frame rate (expressed in frames per second or fps) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display.

Higher FPS means smoother gameplay and your character does react faster. Higher FPS sometimes give some advantages like Moonlight Kiana's missiles QTE will aim enemies faster.

  • 30 FPS: Default option, battery saving
  • 60 FPS: Smoother gameplay and does consume more power
  • High Framerate (120FPS): Even smoother gameplay (PC Edition only)

Animated Weather

This option does very little impact as much as 0.5 FPS to your GPU performance, you don't need to disable this.

When this option is enabled, cloud on the sky will moving, thunder can struck on the sky when the weather is rainy.

Spoiler: your character eyes does animated when this option is enabled ;)


This option does very little impact as much as 1 FPS to your GPU performance, you don't need to disable this.

This option applies reflective effect to all reflective surfaces such as metal, glass or water.

Advanced Graphics

This option consume small amount of CPU power but will take a lot of GPU performance. Beware: this option will burn your devices 🔥🔥🔥

This options enable various post effects like extended colors, extended effects, Depth of Field, etc... Also unlock extra graphic options

Extra Graphic Options

High Quality

I don't know how is this option working


This is basically bloom effect used in many PC games. Doesn't hurt your FPS at all.


This option apply FXAA post-processing effect to eliminate Aliasing. Cheaper than Resolution scaling but does worse. May blur your image and make it worse.


Apply Translucent effect on some transparency materials.

Image go through Translucent material will be distorted.

Hidden Option

DoF (Depth of Field): can't be disabled (also only use in cutscenes)


  • SD: Consume less RAM, less storage.
  • HD: Consume more RAM, more storage space but nearly not affect performance.
  • PC Edition: Use same HD texture but improved reflection and DoF resolution (PC Edition only)


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