Outfit Story


  • In Bronya's dream, she saw Fu Hua, who claimed to be a sage, dressed in a white outfit and appeared in front of herself.
    She didn't know why the squad leader would appear in this image, but unexpectedly didn't feel that it was not contrary to her. Perhaps she had the impression about Fu Hua.
  • In fact, Fu Hua did pass through similar costume in real life. It was a secret mission and she was asked to sneak into the banquet of the upper class. When she came to the hotel designated by the mission, she found a white men's dress lying quietly in the suitcase assigned to her.
  • The task she did was very successful, and no one doubted her dressing identity.

Spring Tour

  • The Valkyrie of the St. Freya School rarely saw their squad wearing uniforms and clothes other than battlesuits and armors. Therefore, whenever Fu Hua shows up in something from private wardrobe, it always attracts a burst of enthusiasm.


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