Character introduction

Nothing is known about Seele's birthplace or who her parents were. In early life, she lost both her parents and was then raised in Cocolia Orphanage alongside some other orphans, including Bronya and Sin Mal. Seele had the least potential to be chosen for Cocolia's experiement, however she managed to awaken her power at the last minute and replaced Sin to take part in the X-10 experiment. She did this in order to save and protect Bronya, only to lead to Bronya chasing after Seele by also participating in the experiment afterwards in hope of finding Seele. The experiment led to a failure that made Seele disappear. After that, Seele was considered dead.


Seele has two personalities that are direct opposite to each other. On one side she can be very sweet and kindly, always showing her love to the people she cares about. However, the other personality, Veliona is a very manipulative and dangerous person who uses her power to achieve what she wants.

Seele Personality

Houkai 3rd (the original) plot

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Related to original Houkai 3rd story but may not related to HI3.

Reader were advised not to take this story to HI3 too seriously.

Violet Sea Story (or Azure Waters for eng version)

Seele is a weak, quiet person, afraid of violence, and often shed tears when she is afraid.

With a Honkai mark, she is inherently highly adaptable to Honkai and exhibits greater ability to manipulate the Honkai than others. But because of her gentle nature, Seele was full of resistance and rejection of violence, and was unable to exert her full strength. Due to a long-term mental state of restraint and the influence of Honkai energy, Seele's spirit eventually split into a very sweet and kindly personality, while another one is very manipulative and dangerous.

In Honkai 3rd about Sin Mal and Seele, both of whom were adopted by Cocolia during their childhood. Seele's personality is more extroverted, and the introverted and timid Seele is completely on the opposite side. In addition, in the normal state, Seele is in everyone's eyes the type of "nothing can be done", which is more disparate with Sin Mal with exposed talent. During the training in the orphanage, Seele performed mediocrely because of suppressing her power, and was repeatedly ridiculed by Sin Mal.

From the perspective of Sin Mal, Seele, who has always been opposed to her, suddenly has a more intimate playmate. The friction between herself and her also seems to be further ignored by the other... This is for Sin Mal, who has strong self-esteem.

Therefore, Sin Mal's feelings towards Seele are more complicated. This relationship cannot be simply understood as "friend" or "hostile". It is more mixed with identification and negation, envy and disdain, complacency and inferiority, contempt and unwillingness, and so on. Seele, who is obviously weaker than herself, has been taken seriously by Bronya, but she has no status in Bronya's eyes. In the end, Sin Mal aimed her vent of these conflicting feelings at the culprit she thought caused the current situation: Bronya.

In the end, Sin Mal is jealous of the intimate relationship between Bronya and Seele, and acts to hurt Bronya.

The stigmata on Seele's body was ravaged by many organizations. She was once abducted by mercenaries and taken away from the orphanage. Fortunately, she was rescued by Bronya who had arrived alone, and was not harmed. Seele's heart is full of gratitude and love for Bronya, taking this opportunity as an opportunity to form a friendship with Bronya and become close friends. The cruel and belligerent personality also had a strange feeling for seeing Bronya's murder scene.

However, when Bronya found Seele, the inner Seele appeared behind Bronya. Seele's fear called her demon inside, and unexpectedly caused Blonya's misunderstanding, she had to make a promise to Seele not to hurt anyone anymore. Bronya didn't fight back in order to fulfill the agreement with Seele, so she was pushed down from the stairs and caused a fracture. Seeing all the past, Seele was so timid that she couldn't move. When Seele rebuked herself in a toy box, Bronya ignored the body to comfort the crying Seele.

Seele felt guilty and painful for her weakness, who had witnessed the violence but didn't stop it. Seeleke's personality took advantage of the imagination and encouraged Seele to avenge Sin Mal and occupy Seele. Later that night, Seele sneaked into Sin Mal's room and physically and mentally tortured her, causing Sin Mal's spirit to collapse.

But at this time, Seele found the information on Sin Mal's hand, and knew that Bronya and Sin Mal were going to be sent to the X-10 experiment, so he begged Cocolia to use the hidden stigmata as a sufficient Qualified subject to replace Bronya as the subject.

After the experiment began, Seele met her personality in a fantasy, that is, the stigmata of eternal resentment against Honkai. The stigmata has changed into Sin Mal, Cocolia, and Bronya, but in order to prevent Seele from experimenting, she made her own awareness, opened the Toy box of Isaac, and finally saw the creation of the The missing body "Bronya". However, things didn't go as expected. After a short success, Seele's body quickly quantified. Seele's left the laboratory in the Deep Sea and rushed to the orphanage in order to be able to see Bronya again. In the end, she only had time to pass my hair accessories to Bronya.

After knowing the truth of the matter, Bronya was forced to die, and risked her life to conduct experiments. After the experiment had passed the safety time limit, Bronya used her own will to prevent the experiment from ending. She only wanted to stay with Seele forever. But Seele, at the quantum level, didn't want Bronya to disappear with herself in this way, so she gave the power of "Rebuild" to Bronya in the form of a Remodeled Bunny 19c and returned it to the real world. She continued to stay for the moment awaiting the fulfillment of the agreement in the sea of quantum.

In the experiment in the summer of 2012, the girl named Bronya lost many things.
Her legs were completely destroyed by the Honkai. Without exoskeleton armor, even movement is impossible.
A part of her brain was burned. Since then, she can no longer feel joy nor smile.
And she lost the most important Seele...
Only this sadness, She don't want to forget before meeting Seele again.

Magic Sea Phase 1: Dirac Sea Chamber

Kiana, Mei and Bronya were teleported to a laboratory in Quantum Plane though a very powerful Spacetime Fracture and met Seele, who was trapped within it. Bronya recognized that she was her best friend from the orphanage 2 years ago (2012), but Seele had lost all her memories after being separated from Bronya. Kiana and the others others decided to take her away from the ruins of the lab, but they were constantly blocked by the phantoms that appeared in the rubble. As the exploration progressed, Kiana found a dusty experimental archive in the depths of the ruins.

  • On January 20, 2012, a group of new orphans, such as Seele, were sent to the laboratory, and they were able to master the Honkai capability and enable them to grasp the ability to have an existing space.
  • On February 1st, the orphans were mentally transformed, but 5 of 10 orphans died, their bodies distorted, then disappeared.
  • In March, only Seele entered the final stage of the experiment, and the physical laws of the entire laboratory were overwritten, and the experimental observers also saw various illusions, including the Herrscher of Death's presence and her consciousness.

The record is then interrupted. To everyone's surprise, this file reveals that the experimental body that destroyed the entire laboratory 2 years ago was Seele. At this time, Seele’s body began to change. It turned out that in the experiment 2 years ago, Seele’s runaway led to the collapse of the laboratory. She also entered the quantum level because of the influence of the experiment. The physical body changed from Particle to Antiparticle cloud, and it must rely on the strong impression of the observer. The entity is maintained, but at the cost of the fact that the people who are observers will gradually die. Kind-hearted Seele is not willing to hurt others, but has a strong desire to survive. The stigmata took control, sealed the Seele's memory and eventually created "Dirac Sea Chamber" to start hunting people who are related to Seele. Her plan was to kill Bronya, which would supposedly let Seele return to the Real world. 
However, Bronya knew the truth and chose to sacrifice herself to save Seele. Seele’s own consciousness refused to let Bronya to harm and managed to regain control of her body. In the end, Seele expressed her wish to meet with Bronya again, giving her first kiss, before dissipating into the Dirac Sea.

Houkai Gakuen 2 Visual Novel - Memory X-10 - Dirac Sea Chamber

Houkai Gakuen 2 Visual Novel - Memory X-10 - Dirac Sea Chamber

Houkai Impact 3rd plot

When Bronya dived into the Sea of Quantum alone, she met Joachim who sends her to multiple pocket dimensions. In these pocket dimensions, she met Seele, who was trapped in the Quantum state after the failure of the X-10 experiment. Bronya, wanting to get Seele out of the Quanta state, both attempt to escape together. After an adventure in the Quanta, the finally reach the edge of Quanta but are caught by tentacles. Bronya cuts the tentacles to save Seele but sacrificing herself.

Seele, distraught by this loss and her helplessness, receives Dark Seele's help and both of them seek to save Bronya.

Bronya cut tentacle


  • Seele is German for soul, while Vollerei is German for gluttony or overindulgence.
  • Seele doesn't have a Herrscher core but the Herrscher stigmata on her chest, so Seele's second personality is the presence of the stigmata who has a Herrscher (of Death) core.
  • She is in love with Bronya. She also gave Bronya her first kiss.
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