Scarlet Knight - Striker FlameEdit

Armor type: Hollow Armor with Plague Gem installed

Outfit StoryEdit

  • At Destiny Headquarter, the mysterious armor was stored at the deepest part of the "Helheim Laboratory". It comes with a standard-equipped sword, spreads like a wing on its side, and the chest blooms with a red glow. 10 4th-generation armor developed by Destiny are displayed on both sides, like a sanctuary guarded by the Knights.
  • The outfit is the scientific and technological heritage of the pre-civilization era. The unnumbered god key, developed by Dr. MEI, is a dangerous armor that doesn't have a core but can be fused with any core and release the power of the Herrscher.
    Unlike the general concept of God Key, the Void Armor will fully reproduce the power of the Herrscher, but the damage caused to the user is also unpredictable. After the 10th Herrscher event ended, the Void Armor plan was frozen and temporarily stopped.
  • After recovering the Void Armor, Destiny has comprehensively carried out the development plan of the new generation of Valkyrie armor based on its technology. At the same time, they also infused Void Armor with the core of most powerful destructive 7th Herrscher, which obtained from the second Houkai, making it a powerful weapon against the Herrscher: Scarlet Knight - Striker Flame
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