Scarlet Knight - Striker Flame

Armor type: Hollow Armor with Gem of Haste embedded in it

Outfit Story

  • At Schicksal Headquarters, the mysterious armor was stored in the deepest part of the "Helheim Laboratory". It comes with a standard-equipped sword, spread like a wing on its side, and the chest blooms with a red glow. 10 4th-generation armor developed by Destiny are displayed on both sides, like a sanctuary guarded by the Knights.
  • The outfit is the scientific and technological heritage of the previous era. The unnumbered god key, developed by Dr. MEI, is a dangerous armor that doesn't have a Herrscher core but can be fused with any core and release the power of the Herrscher.
    Unlike the general concept of a God Key, the Void Armor will fully reproduce the power of the Herrscher, but the damage caused to the user is also unpredictable. After the 10th Herrscher event ended, the Void Armor project was put on ice and temporarily stopped.
  • After recovering the Void Armor, Schicksal has comprehensively carried out the development plan of a new generation of Valkyrie armor based on its technology. At the same time, they also embedded the Void Armor with the Gem of Haste, which was obtained from the second Houkai War, making a powerful weapon against the Herrscher: Scarlet Knight - Striker Flame
Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Leader Skill

Leader Skill- Vermillion Mark

Skill Nagative Damage02

Vermillion Mark

Team gains 25% Total Damage Multiplier, and Ultimate attacks gain 25% Total Damage Multiplier. Team with 3 Battlesuits of different types gains 33.0% Fire Damage.

Himeko Basic Attack 4

Basic Attack- Iron of Twilight

Himeko Basic Attack 4

1st Sequence

3 x 30% points of Fire Damage. Once she starts to move, the Vermilion Knight will quickly start sprinting. When performing Basic Attack during sprinting, the 1st Sequence would be a Sprint Attack with increased Interrupt and Ignore Interrupt.

2nd Sequence

50% points of Fire Damage + 100% points of Physical Damage.

3rd Sequence

2 x 100% points of Physical Damage + 50% points of Fire Damage.

4th Sequence

150% points of Fire Damage + 250% points of Physical Damage.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shadow of Muspell

When combo hit count exceeds 50, gain Ignore Interrupt, and hits from the 3rd and 4th sequences of Basic Attack deal 250% points of Fire Damage and ignite enemies for 4.0 seconds to inflict 50% points of Fire Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill02

Turbo Heatflow

The last hits of the 3rd and 4th Sequences of Basic Attack recover an additional 2.50 SP upon hitting the enemy.


Evasion- Guren Flash


Guren Flash

Triggered upon Ultimate Evasion and reduces Cooldown of Ultimate by 5 seconds. Tap the [ATK] button again to charge towards the target enemy and deal: 100 points of Physical Damage + 450% points of Fire Damage + 150% points of Physical Damage. This skill has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill01

Plasmic Armor

Reduces Cooldown time of Guren Flash by X seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill01

Fuel Ignition

Guren Flash strikes ignite enemies for X seconds, dealing 50% points of Fire Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Skill Nagative StartUp03

Solar Impact

Switch Attack 1st Sequence triggers QTE when enemy is affected by Time Fracture. Deals 300.0% points of Fire Damage + 2 x 150% points of Fire Damage + 200% points of Physical Damage, and ignites nearby enemies for 5 seconds, dealing 50% points of Fire Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Special

Charged Attack- Meteoric Assault

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Special

Charges towards the target enemy, dealing 2 x 50% points of Physical Damage + 150% points of Fire Damage. Finally, unleash a Schielhau Cross-Cut that deals 300% points of Physical Damage + 750% points of Fire Damage. After performing a Charged Attack, use another Charged Attack within 6 seconds to enter Overdrive status for 13.5 seconds.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Undying Embers

Schielhau ignites the enemy target for 6.0 seconds, dealing 50% points of Fire Damage every 0.5 seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill03

Incomplete Combustion

When Scarlet Knight enters an Overdrive State, she gains 25.0% extra Fire Damage.

Skill Nagative Skill02

Turbo Fire

When Scarlet Knight enters an Overdrive State,each time the Ultimate hits an enemy, she recovers 2.0 SP, and the Ultimate gains 15.00% extra Fire Damage.

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Ultimate

Ultimate- Annihilating Flames

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Ultimate

Annihilating Flames

The Ultimate skill has 4 charges. 1 charge is consumed with every usage of the skill. With more than 0 charge, tap the [Ultimate] button before the Ultimate finishes to keep performing the skill. Re-activating the skill will unleash a 2-sequence attack.

1st Sequence

Deals 2 x 250% points of Fire Damage + 50% points of Physical Damage + 400% points of Fire Damage + 50% points of Physical Damage.

2nd Sequence

Deals 2 x 200% points of Fire Damage + 50% points of Physical Damage + 350% points of Fire Damage.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Boiling Lava

Scarlet Knight gains 20% extra Fire Damage each time the character consumes SP to perform her Ultimate. Effect can stack up to 2 times and lasts till the Ultimate ends.

Skill Nagative Skill01

Red Inferno

When Ultimate hits an enemy, the target is ignited for 8.0 seconds, taking 50% points of Fire Damage per 0.5 seconds.

Skill Nagative Skill02

Enraged Load

After performing Charged Attack, if not in an Overdrive State, shorten the cooldown of the Ultimate by X seconds.

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Passive Skill

Passive Skill- Overdrive

Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Passive Skill

Overdrive Status

Cannot use Charged Attacks, Evasion, or recover SP from Basic Attacks during Overdrive. Perform Ultimate to end Overdrive.

Skill Nagative Damage02

After Burn

Gains 1.6% Fire Damage for each Combo Hit Count, up to a max of 80.0%.

Skill Nagative Survive03

Scorching Sun

When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30 or 50, Indirect Damage received is reduced by 30.0% an d 50.0% respectively.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Molten Cleaver

Attacks against ignited enemies gain X% Fire Damage.

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