Device Minimum System Requirement Edit

Android Edit

OS: Android 4.4.2 or above

RAM: 2GB or higher

Storage: 2.5GB for base game, 5GB for full game

iOS Edit

OS: iOS 9 or higher RAM: 2GB or higher (iPhone 6s and up)

Storage: 2.5GB for base game, 5GB for full game

Troubleshooting Edit

Cannot install / run Edit

If you cannot install, make sure:

  • Your device meet the requirement
  • Your installer maybe damaged

If you can't run the game, make sure:

  • Your device have at least 1GB of free RAM
  • Clear game data before starting the game.
  • Reboot your device,
  • Maybe your device have OS or hardware issue.

Hang at the bridge Edit

  • Make sure you have a stable connection between your device and the game server
  • If you sure your internet doesn't have issue then wait for a minute for loading data and news

Game crashed when done loading Edit

This is an known issue caused by Google Play Games / Game Center / Facebook login. There is no way to fix this bug currently.

My valkyrie can't pass level 15 Edit

  • Make sure your captain level is higher than 15
  • Valkyrie level cap is depending on your captain level

Cannot enter the new main story Edit

  • Exit the game then enter the game.
  • Did miHoYo opened the new story?
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