Character introduction Edit

Her father was originally the president of Massive Electric (referred to as ME) (in fact, a company belonging to Anti-Entropy). When Mei was 15 years old, the company was deeply affected by the financial crisis, and her father was deeply mired in economic fraud (framed by Cocolia). At the end of the prison, almost all of the property was frozen.

This incident has had a major impact on Mei, and it has made her cheerful personality a bit solitary.

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Daughter of ME CEOEdit

Her father, Raiden Ryoma, was a young leader in the science and technology field. After taking over the position of the ME president at the age of 30, he transformed the ME Corp from a commercial electrical appliance manufacturer into a smart electronic company with the world's most valuable technology secrets for more than a decade.

1 out of every 10 electronic devices in the world is equipped with electronic chips produced by ME.

Raiden Ryoma once became a representative of Japan's domestic technological innovation and business thinking revolution, and was sought after by countless young people.

However, little is known, based on unpublished statistical data, ME has become the world's largest military supply provider, and has maintained a hidden cooperative relationship with many major countries, secretly developing the next generation of combat weapons.

For this reason, although Raiden Ryoma has not publicly involved in the political arena, it has a small impact on the ruling and opposition pattern.

As the daughter of ME president, although she lived the life of Missy since childhood, she formed a noble temperament with graceful elegance and maturity under the strict education of her father.

Mei as a student Edit

Since the beginning of primary school, she has been outstanding in performance, as a student leader, and widely supported among students.

Her noble beauty is the object of countless boys' night illusions, combined with the natural cool temperament, and is called the "Queen of Thunder".

In middle school, because ME established a high-level research institute in the school city, Mei moved to the school city with her father's family and studied at the Senba Highschool.
Only 1 month after enrollment, Mei became the most popular idol in the school. The name of "Queen of Thunder" didn't go away and spread again.

However, when Mei were popular in the Queen's posture, a huge change came to the fore.

The great impact Edit

The ME company suddenly exposed the economic fraud case. The father Ryoma was not only dismissed from the board of directors because of the alleged falsification of financial documents, but also suffered a prison sentence, and his reputation plummeted.

This incident has a great impact on Mei. The classmates who were originally surrounded around Mei have suddenly become cold-eyed, and even the closest friends have been keeping their distance intentionally or unintentionally.

As a lost lady, she has stood on the shackles of the crowd and now suffers from various forms of discrimination.

After trying to warm up all kinds of human feelings, Mei learned to be more sensitive and delicate to see the people around her. She still maintains the restraint as a noble lady. The more she is discriminated against, the more she has to build a cold shell to protect herself. Tears remain in the corners that no one sees.
Inevitably, the cold-hearted view of Mei on the world also breeds deep inside, and the world is getting more and more, making her hate.

After the father’s accident, Raiden Mei no longer participated in any club activities after school. She found herself a corner that was undisturbed, and the ME Institute was sealed up.

It was the place where her father worked day and night before the accident, and Mei felt that she felt the closest to her father.

She also hopes to find the clues before her father's accident. She faintly feels that her father was framed.
Unfortunately, after the institute was seized, from disk to paper, any possible information has been destroyed.
Until one day, in the empty uninhabited research institute, Mei suddenly found a suspicious figure. The man left a strange box. Under the drive of curiosity, Mei was opened to change the destiny of herself and the whole world.

The third Houkai and triggered at the same time that Mei opened the door of fate. This time, Mei became [The Herrscher of Thunder].


  • Gentle, cute, her cooking is delicious, moreover she is good looking! She is perfect!
  • She is an elder-sister type, and very good at taking care of others. Kiana and Bronya look up to her a lot.
  • When she is excited, she cannot control her excitement. The result of that is usually her blowing up the whole game center.
  • She likes rainy weather.
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