后崩坏书 directly translated as Post-Houkai Book / DLC in Chinese and also known as Post-Honkai Odyssey in official English client.

A Post-Honkai Odyssey Trailer - Honkai Impact 3rd

A Post-Honkai Odyssey Trailer - Honkai Impact 3rd


"Post-Houkai Odyssey" is a DLC / Expansion Story for the main game Honkai Impact 3rd. Players will play as the Schicksal investigation team in St. Fontaine and uncover shocking secrets that is unknown to outsiders...

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How To Play


Post-Houkai Odyssey is a new open world that will open after completing the first cycle of Sakura Samsara.


It has been 8 years now since the "Houkai" disappeared from the earth...

With the assistance of the international charity "Schicksal", the earth’s civilization has gradually recovered from the terrible disaster.

Together with this land, they have overcome countless hardships and obstacles, and they have also gone from ignorance to maturity... and continue to fight for this beautiful world they love.

After the Houkai, St. Fontaine, the "City of Rebirth" and the "Golden Fountain" resurrected at an alarming rate.

It is located at the southernmost tip of Africa, relying on Lion's Head Bay, on a flat coast surrounded by the mountains of Cape of Good Hope.

At first glance, the seaside town is not strange, but it hides a shocking secret that is unknown to outsiders... A new story will begin here.


In the "Post-Houkai Odyssey", players can learn the adventure story of the investigation team in St. Fontaine through the main story and side story. And as the exploration progresses, new functions such as talent systems, collection systems, evaluation systems, and sacred area adventure commissions in the Saint Fontaine area will be gradually unlocked.



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