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Phantom IronEdit

  • Stalker - Phantom Iron is a specialized stalking armor made by Helheim Laboratory. It enhances the user's combat capability by strengthening the bones. The built-in surveillance system controls the user's physical condition at all times, and injects fortified hormones and neurotransmitters during fierce battle, giving the Valkyrie improved power and speed.
  • The standard equipment of Phantom Iron is a scythe called "Genome Reaper". As long as you get a little target genetic sample in battle, you can interpret all your opponent's biological data and simultaneously change the armor's tactical mode. More dangerously, this weapon will also specifically target the toxin "Avalanche" to disintegrate the enemy's flesh and blood according to the target's genetic sequence.
  • This suit is also tied to the self-discipline tracking weapon codename HD-603 (scientific name "Stalker Carbon"). The user commands the steel hound through neuro system, and pursue the target endlessly. When facing multiple enemy, Stalker Carbon releases the neurotoxins they carry that disable opponent's moving ability, and then kill all of them.
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