Otto EntertainmentEdit

Otto Entertainment is a game company founded by Otto, known for the development of Kallen Fantasy and HOMU Fantasy Franchises

Otto Entertainment gamesEdit

This is the list of games created by Otto Entertainment

Homu Fantasy OnlineEdit

This is the first online game created by Otto Entertainment, it was also an online raid game in Houkai 3rd

Kallen Fantasy ZERO (JP only)Edit

In the chapter 5 of Houkai 3rd JP, Kiana is playing Kallen Fantasy ZERO game while CN is showing Kallen Fantasy III

Gamescreen ZERO

Homu Fantasy IIEdit

This image can be found on Schrodinger arcade machine

Gamescreen 01

Kallen Fantasy IIIEdit

This image can be found on Schrodinger arcade machine and in chapter 5 CG

Gamescreen 02

Kallen Fantasy VIIEdit

This game is also the side-story of Houkai 3rd

Kallen Fantasy OnlineEdit

Only available in CN server

Kallen Fantasy Online

Honkai Impact 3rdEdit

The player appeared in the game was named AniYa with captain level 25

Gamescreen 04

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