Game updates

V3 update

Ver 3.4 The Twilight Ruling

Ver 3.3 Herrscher of Reason

Ver 3.2 Nursery Rhymes with Illusion

Ver 3.1 Dreamy Binary

Ver 3.0 The Mystery of Abysmal Sea

V2 update

Ver 2.9

Ver 2.8 The Fantasy in Holy Night

Ver 2.7 The Blazing Sword

Ver 2.6 Reburn

Ver 2.5 Hail my proud Queen

Ver 2.4 Summer Memories

Ver 2.3 Battle of Schicksal

Ver 2.2 The Guardian of Shenzhou

Ver 2.1 The Shadow of Dragon

Ver 2.0 Housewarming Party

Pre v2.0 update

Ver 1.9 Resurrection of The Sacramental

Ver 1.8 Scarlet Mitama

Ver 1.7 The Awakening of Silver Wolf

Ver 1.6 Together in Summer update

Ver 1.5 Theresa Fight

Ver 1.4 Sakura Samsara

Ver 1.3 ARMADA SYSTEM update

Ver 1.2 Cursed Sword Expansion

Ver 1.1 Sealed Sword Expansion

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