Stigmata StoryEdit

  • One of the greatest industrialists in human history. As for the other aspects... it is better for you to comment on your own.
  • General Mechanical and Electric (GME)'s boss lady, "The person who created the modern world" in the standard sense. After the death of her parents due to Houkai, the 17-year-old alone decided to take the responsibilities of being chairman of GME.
  • Since then, she has been working hard to eliminate the Houkai. To this end, she didn't hesitate to use the whole company as a bargaining chip with Schicksal - in exchange for the support of the other side, she can establish her own "North American Branch".
  • Because of her excellent business acumen, from the company that doesn't get any profits because of Schicksal, has become more and more powerful in continuous investment. In the North American branch, she also recruited a number of talents led by Planck and Schrödinger, and quickly became a rival against Schicksal.
  • Not being able to save her parents in time was the start of her distrust in Destiny Organization. But over time, this distrust was more greatly rooted in differences in values and worldviews between two sides. Destiny is not a people-oriented organization, or even an organization that really fights against Houkai. As years passed, this realization that Edison had grew stronger and stronger.
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