Online SupplyEdit

  • Online EXP Chip SupplyGo to EXP_Chip
  • Online Gear EXP SupplyGo to OnlineGearXPSupply
  • Online Gold SupplyGo to Gold
  • Online EXP SupplyGo to OnlineEXPSupply

Online Boss BattlesEdit

  • Online Ganesha BattleGo to GaneshaBattle
  • Online Wendy BattleGo to WendyBattle
  • Online Bronya BattleGo to BronyaBattle
  • Online Online Deus BattleGo to DeusBattle

Online PvPEdit

  • Homu VolleyballGo to HomuVolleyball

Other Online gamesEdit

  • ME Attack (beta multiplayer)Go to MEAttack
  • Online Object DefendGo to OnlineObjectDefend
  • Online EndlessGo to OnlineEndless
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