Missions Edit

There are three types of missions which are Story Mission, Daily Mission and Challenge Mission.

Story Missions Edit

There are three categories for missions.

  • Storyline
  • Side
  • Examination (only appears when you have a Sensei)

Daily Missions Edit

These missions give a lot of exp which are pretty great for leveling up. On the left side, there are rewards for reaching a certain amount of duty which you will get from doing daily quest. There's also weekly rewards for reaching 500 duty points and 1000 duty points.

Challenge Missions Edit

Despite it being called challenge, it isn't as challenging as you think except for the last 4 sets. Each challenge will have instructions from Ai-chan about completing it. Completing a challenge will award you rewards. After two sets of challenges, you'll be given a special reward which gets better as you progress. At the moment, unavailable for Global Server.

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