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ME is the strongest technology company in the world today, it is also a family business of Raiden family. The company was belongs to Fire Moth before the former president Raiden Ryoma was arrested during the economic fraud. Later, Anti-Entropy have acquired ME and turning it into an important economic pillar of Anti-Entropy Organization.

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Raiden Ryoma, was a young leader in the science and technology field. After taking over the throne of the ME president from the age of 30, he transformed the ME Corp from a commercial electrical appliance manufacturer into a smart electronic company with the world's most valuable technology secrets for more than a decade.

1 out of every 10 electronic devices in the world is equipped with electronic chips produced by ME.

Raiden Ryoma once became a representative of Japan's domestic technological innovation and business thinking revolution, and was sought after by countless young people.

However, little is known, based on unpublished statistical data, ME has become the world's largest military supply provider, and has maintained a hidden cooperative relationship with many major countries, secretly developing the next generation of combat weapons.

For this reason, although Raiden Ryoma has not publicly involved in the political arena, it has a small impact on the ruling and opposition pattern.


ME Industry is mainly research and develop conventional weapons, infomation equipments and communication equipments. One of their successful project is making mechas using Houkai power.

Trivia Edit

  • Some weapons appeared in the game is made by ME
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