Ling Yi is the former customer service of miHoYo and current literature girl.

One of miHoYo's most popular characters, she can be seen in games and comics. In addition to serving as a literary extravaganza, reception is also generally performed by Ling Yi.

She have her own character settings and expression pack

Character introduction Edit

Formerly serving as the first customer service girl of No.21 in "Honkai Gakuen 1", she was named Ling Yi. She was favored by many players due to her superb selling skill in the period of customer service. She was selected for idols to perform various other activities. jobs. After graduating from a customer service school, Yin Yi has more exposure to many unspoken secrets and secrets. Her personality has changed from being a pure teenage girl to being dark and boring, but her heart is still kind (urgent).

Ling Yi, who works on various occasions, has become a player in the heart of the game because of her cheerful personality, often making announcements and propaganda, and communicating with game readers to sell her buddies. The object was given the same blessing capabilities as the propaganda and comic preview, and the release of the PV version also gave the player the illusion that she was a big prophet, often asking about version content.

Abilities Edit

Selling Skill - Superb

Great Blessing - Higher gacha stats

Prophecy - Pseudo

Deception - True

Ling Yi at miHoYo Edit

miHoYo's first generation customer service girl, after due to unknown reasons became a magician with the power of words forces spread the cult of literary

She is now in charge of the 4koma comics in "Honkai Gakuen 2" and the scripting the story of "Houkai 3rd Impact" (Not Houkai 3rd)


Ling Yi appearanceEdit

This is Ling Yi in Honkai Gakuen 1

灵依娘Seller old

This is Ling Yi in Honkai Gakuen 2 v3.0

灵依娘Seller new

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