Lightning Empress is a battlesuit of the valkyrja Raiden Mei and excels on supporting and dealing damage to enemy mobs.

Lightning EmpressEdit


  • A melee attacker that deals high lightning damage
  • Has decent mobility which can be used for burst damage build.
  • Powerful passives that allows herself to apply self-strengthening buffs.
  • Has an excellent leader skill for psychic team.

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Lighting Paralyze, lightning damage.

Core-Feature DmgUP Powerful passives allow self-strengthening damage.

General SpecsEdit

Spacetime Fracture Float QTE
Branch Yes Charge No
Debuff Paralyze
QTE condition Float


Honkai Impact 3rd - Lighting Empress Mei gameplay

Honkai Impact 3rd - Lighting Empress Mei gameplay

Strong points and weak points Edit

Strong pointsEdit

  • High lightning damage that mostly bypasses enemy defense.
  • Powerful self-strengthening passive abilities.
  • Outstanding leader skill in team co-op modes.

Weak pointsEdit

  • Unlike the other Mei, Lightning Empress have least shield break power.
  • Lack of defensive stats.
  • Expensive whaling, without her proper gear and stigmata, she is almost useless.

Valkyrja skillEdit

Skill Mei CK 005

Leader Skill - Night Parade Of Hundred Demons

Skill Nagative Survive02

Night Parade Of Hundred Demons

Team starting with +70EP, if all members are Psychic type, team All-damage +20%
Recover EP in OW every 10 minutes, team All-damage +10%

Skill Mei CK 001 -278845

Basic Attack - Penta Soul Slash


Skill Mei CK 001

Penta swift slash

1st Slash: 100% Physical damage
2nd Slash: 120% Physical damage
3rd Slash: 75% Physical damage
4th Slash: 80% Physical damage
5th Slash: 250% Physical damage and have 2% chance to paralyze enemy for 5s.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Thunder Blade

Basic Attack deal 40% Lightning damage

Skill Nagative Control01

Soul Slash

Basic Attack have 40% to making target conductive, conductive target +70% Lightning damage receive for 6s.
5th Slash guarantee making target conductive if first 4 slashes doesn't trigger effect.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Relentless Slash - Extreme

+30% attack speed when combo is over 30

Skill Mei LD 003 -278958

Evasion - Lightning Dash


Skill Mei LD 003

Double Flash Dash

Mei can perform Flash Dash forward/backward 2 times, cd 0.5s
Asura's Roar: Activate Active Evasion paralyze the attacker for 5s, own Physical damage received -15% and Lightning damage received -80% for 5s. Active Evasion cd 10s.
Lightning Escape:Activate Active Evasion own Physical damage received -15% and increase interrupt resistance for 5s.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Thunder Roar

Activate Active Evasion generate a Magnetic field at the attacker position, dealing 85.0% Lightning damage to enemies within it every 0.5s for 5s.

Skill Nagative Control02


Paralyze effect from Active Evasion duration increased to 8s.

Skill Mei LD 002

Branch Attack - Gigavolt Slash

Skill Mei CK 001

Thunderstorm Blade

Attack the target with Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm Blade:4*80% Lightning damage.

Skill Nagative StartUp02

Tag-in Attack - Thunder Strike

Tag-in unleash Thunder Strike, dealing 250% Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Double Thunder

Passive Evasion: Tap Attack button after Perfect Evasion to deal Gigavolt Slash and gain 1 more slash, extra Gigavolt Slash deal 4*80% Lightning damage.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Second Strike SS-Rank

Gigavolt Slash now can be triggered twice (must unlock Double Thunder first), extra Gigavolt Slash deal 4*80% Lightning damage.

Skill Mei LD 004 -278985

Ultimate - Roar of Thunder Dragon

Skill Mei LD 004

Roar of Thunder Dragon - 125 EP

Jump to the sky, move at lightning speed and attack all nearby enemies.
Thunder God Destruction Slash: Cast Spacetime Fracture and deal total 900% Physical damage + 900% Lightning damage.

Skill Nagative StartUp03

QTE - Sakura Vortex

When enemies are Floating, trigger tag-in will peform Spacetime Fracture and move at lightning speed dealing 6*50% Physical damage + 6*50% Lightning damage

Skill Nagative Damage02

Sakura Scatter

Last Ultimate hit deal 119 Lightning damage per combo, maximum 100 combos.

Skill Nagative Control01

I'm Mei SSS-Rank

Last Ultimate hit paralyze all nearby enemies for 5s, own Lightning damage +40% for 7s

Skill Mei CK 006

Passive Skills

Skill Nagative Damage02

Thunder Dragon Enchantment

+100% All-damage against Slowed / Freeze enemies

Skill Nagative Control01

Thundercloud SS-Rank

20% chance to paralyze attacker and nearby enemies for 2.5s when get hit

Skill Nagative Damage03

Thunder Lock SS-Rank

Branch Attacks have 8% chance to apply conductive debuff from Soul Slash

Outfit StoryEdit

Lightning EmpressEdit

  • The posture of the Third Herrscher inside Mei is not completely liberated. The broken armor with unknown purple light, and the edge of the clothing is completely burned by the heat, as if to announce to the whole world, the birth of Lightning Queen
  • Although the personality of the Third Herrscher has been temporarily suppressed by her, Mei still have a heart for another. She was afraid that she won't be able to control this power beyond common sense, and will eventually hurt those who want to protect. This concern, coupled with the limitations of the heart bomb implanted in her body, has made the current Mei unable to exert the true strength of Thunder Herrscher.
  • Despite this, Mei has never shown a depressing side in front of Kiana and others. The kindness and affinity of the girl, always makes people forget the fact that she is a Herrscher. This girl who always faces sorrow and pain alone, leaving her smile to others, is working hard to find her own place in this broken world.

Scorching Golden ThunderEdit

  • The golden thunder strikes like the furious Oni. It is the blazing rays at the mountain peaks, the sublime descent of destruction, and the end of all life itself.

Vast OceanEdit

  • Beachside of a small island in a tropical country. The women in swimsuit who play under the sunshine in the afternoon bring coolness and calmness in summer.
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