Stigmata Story

  • The greatest scientist in human history. The incarnation of genius. A person who changes the way humans perceive the world. Please offer everything you can think of - this person deserves us to praise in all forms.
  • At 8 years old, she learned calculus and linear algebra. At the age of 16, a general theory of relativity was proposed and a doctorate was obtained. She sees gravitation as the curvature of time and space - a cognition that profoundly changes the way humans view the universe.
  • The tutor is Planck who is also a friend of her. Since Einstein was recommended to Planck by a psychologist at the age of 8, the latter has been acting as her substantive guardian. Therefore, although Tesla and Schrödinger are younger, they are their sisters.
  • And Welt, Planck, and Tesla are the founders of Anti-Entropy. The predecessor of the Anti-Entropy Organization was the North American branch of Destiny Organization. For some unknown reason, on November 24, 1955, this branch was separated from Schicksal and quickly grew to compete with it. World power.
  • And the owner of the Anti-Entropy, Welt, the first Herrscher, seems to have a subtle past. Anyway, even today Einstein is still the Einstein... And Welt is no longer that Welt.
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