Character Introduction

K-423, also called Kiana, is the heroine and the initial character in the game "Honkai Impact 3rd". She is a replica of the 2nd Herrscher with DNA of Kiana Kaslana. Her father is the current patriarch of the Kaslana family: Siegfried Kaslana. Her mother was Cecilia Schariac, known as "The Legendary Woman".

K-423's Initial Timeline

Schicksal Database record about Kiana Kaslana

In 2008, Kiana studied at L'Aquila Primary School in Italy. (reliability 30%)

In 2009, Kiana studied at Port-au-Prince High School in Haiti (reliability 20%)

In 2009, Kiana transfered to Cagayan High School in Philippines (reliability 35%)

In 2013, Kiana studied at Senba High School in Nagazora City (reliability 80%)

  • On December 7, 2013, the student’s disappearance was involved on the day of enrollment, and at 19:34 that night, it was found together with the deceased’s shallow warehouse. A major suspect who was found missing in the shallow warehouse showed mental abnormality before her death. Kiana was identified as a legitimate defense and did not pursue her responsibility.

K-423 test subject

In year 2000 - 2009, the Second Houkai War appeared in Siberia and Cecilia sacrificed herself. Few months later, Siegfried took Kiana (In HI3, Siegfried took K-423 instead) to escape Schicksal and went to the northernmost.

  • Otto created "K-422" using Kiana and Sirin's DNA but failed as it lack of awareness or higher order brain functions.
  • Later created "K-423" successfully with addition of 2nd Herrscher gem.


Schicksal Archbishop Otto Apocalypse facilitated the marriage of the Kaslana family and the Schariac family, Kiana was born.

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Unfortunately, the good times did not last long, and Siegfried suddenly disappeared. Kiana’s last memory of that childhood was that Siegfried used the 0th of Judgement of Shamash - Might of An-Utu. In 2010, the Herrscher personality in K-423 regained consciousness, and therefore Siegfried lost his left arm. This history is still a mystery, and the events of the same year, including Otto's understanding of the deities and the death of Valkyrja Commando Ragna, may be related to it.

Note: The title of the main character here is divided into 2 people Kiana and K-423, both of which refer to the same person. There is no information about the real Kiana, and if she appears later, it is recommended to create a new term for her or to put her true identity below a known character.

K-423 born in Houkai Impact 3rd

In the Second Houkai War, the second Herrscher, Sirin, used the power of God Key Phoenix Down captured from Fu Hua to trap Cecilia and Siegfried in a fantasy world. However, she was not used to the powers of Phoenix Down, and ended up creating a dream rather than a nightmare. As Sirin watched the family happily celebrate Kiana's birthday in the dream, she ragingly yelled from above and desired to destroy it only more. She, however, could not help her curiousity and wanted to see what it was like to live the life of a normal, happy family's daughter, and ascended down in that dream as Phoenix Down altered the dream to make Sirin Kiana's relative who went to a boarding school. She was welcomed by Cecilia and treated wonderfully and warmly, treating her as if she was truly her own daughter, giving her cake, which teared Sirin up, reminding her of when her very own mother bought her cake.

At the same time, in the real world, the Snow Wolf team destroyed her relatives, the Trial-level Houkai beast Bella, at the same cost, realizing the strange anger of Sirin, and decided to kill the two in the fantasy world. Because the connection between the Houkai will and Sirin had been cut off and released Welt Yang's consciousness, Yang instructed Siegfried to awaken the attack and break the illusion. At this time, Sirin discovered that Cecilia had not been affected by the illusion from the beginning. In the face of Cecilia's true love for herself, Sirin's heart was shaken again.

At the end of the battle, when Otto drops the tactical nuke, Cecillia drained the Holy Blood of Estonia to purify Siberia, which was eroded by the Houkai energy, so that Black Abyss White Flower can protect Siegfried. Cecillia embraced Sirin and said "Ich liebe dich" (German "I love you") to Sirin. Cecilia's unbiased motherly love has affected Sirin's heart full of hatred, and at the last moment, the idea of ​​"if there is still a chance, I want to be Cecilia's true daughter next time" was born in Sirin's mind.

The Second Honkai War chapter 64 p22.jpg

All organizations choose to destroy Sirin to save the world, and Cecilia chooses to rescue Sirin.

After Sirin's death, the organizations split the cores that the fragment of The Final Herrscher gave to Sirin, renaming them the Domination of Thunder, the Crave of Storm, the Silence of Death and the Contamination of Flame. These 4 cores were divided amongst Shicksal and Anti-Entropy later on, to be experimented on for more powerful stigmatas and to create a new generation of Valkyries who can overpower the Herrschers. 

On the other hand, the amazing power of Siegfried's in the final battle caught Otto's attention. After the Second Houkai War, Otto analyzed the genetic information of the Kaslana family by looking at Kiana, but was unable to find the genetic information related to the ability. 

The Second Honkai War chapter 65 p11.jpg

Otto was slightly disappointed that the Second Herrscher had died as she was vital to reviving Otto's childhood love, Kallen Kaslana, and decided to create a replica of Kiana with the Second Herrscher's DNA, core, and all the other sorts, all to revive the Second Herrscher to aide Otto. He used the same techniques that he used to create Theresa, creating multiple replicas, with each one failing until the 423rd; K-423 was made as Otto suddenly realized he could use the Second Herrscher's core alongside Kiana's DNA to created the replica. K-423, out of all of the replicas made, was a success.

As a result, this causes a divide between the Herrscher of Void and Sirin, as Sirin's consciousness sleeping in the core of the Herrscher was awakened with her desire to be Cecilia's daughter, with Sirin's consciousness reconstituted the personality of K-423, leaving the Herrscher of Void's consciousness in a deep sleep for years to come. At the beginning, Sirin almost awakened, in which Otto quickly responded by erasing Sirin's memories, allowing her to freely take Kiana's personality without obstacle.

This enforces that Sirin is in fact, the main protagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd although living through a different personality and name.

The Second Honkai War chapter 65 p21.jpg

When Anti-Entropy invited Siegfried to join, Siegfried refused as he wanted to find his daughter. As he arrived to the Shicksal HQ, he took Kiana secretly, and without checking if it was Kiana, for who he took was not Kiana Kaslana, but instead, Kiana's replica, K-423. As he did not realize, Siegfried lived with "Kiana" in peace for many days, until one unfortunate day, the Herrscher of Void (who will be addressed as Sirin on going as Sirin's consciousness from the divide will assume the name Kiana) attempted to regain control, revealing to Siegfried that the girl he had taken was not Kiana but a fake. Kiana, however, in the form of a 9 year old, did not remember who she was, what her name was all due to Otto erasing the memories. 

Siegfried was heartbroken to realize that that was not his daughter and refused to call her Kiana, only telling her her last name was Kaslana, and that her mother died when she was 2. K-423 recalls that Siegfried would get her anything she wanted, although he never smiled at her or celebrated her birthday, which saddened K-423.

One day, when Siegfried came back with many injuries to recover from due to fighting Honkai beasts, K-423 asked Siegfried why he would do all this when he knew he would get injured. When SIegfried explains because "he is a Kaslana", Siegfried smiled a bit, which made K-423 want to follow his steps into becoming a true Kaslana and fight the Honkai. Although Siegfried taught Kiana how to use guns, he never let her go to battle, until 2 years later, when K-423 was 11, Siegfried came back with severe injuries, and while K-423 let Siegfried rest, K-423 decided to take the gun and fight the Honkai Beast.

Things were not in K-423's favor. But, just when the Honkai Beast was dealing its final blow, Siegfried came and used his bare hands to crush the honkai beast's horn. At first, K-423 thought that Siegfried would be upset at her, instead, Siegfried's heart was touched when K-423 said "I just wanted to protect you..", and told her "We'll celebrate your birthday, give you a cake and presents," and not only this, giving K-423 possibly the best birthday present she'd ever received: her name, Kiana Kaslana.

As one year passed by of Kiana fighting side by side along with Siegfried against the Honkai, Sirin attempted once again to regain control and attempted to kill Siegfried, alongside destroying the surroundings. During this attempt, Siegfried lost his arm due to sealing Sirin, and realizing that he could stay with Kiana as he was one of the few people that Sirin wants to kill, being unable to kill a girl who looked to much like his daughter, almost as if it was his daughter; Siegfried left Kiana on her own and watched over her.

As it later reveals, Kiana had unconsciously sealed the memories of attempting to kill Siegfried and destroying the surroundings, leaving her only the memory that Siegfried had left her. In the Manga Anti-Entropy Invasion, Kiana recalls. all of this.

Now on her own, Kiana now goes on to be the protagonist of Honkai Impact 3rd.

Year 2014 - The Third Houkai War

The 3rd Honkai War/Eruption uses the same plot as Honkai Gakuen 2/GGz but with K-423 under the name Kiana Kaslana.

Following the original plot of Houkai Gakuen 2, in 2014, the Third Houkai out in the Nagazora City, Kiana began a survival battle with Mei and Bronya in Nagazora. During the attack of the Houkai beast, she protected Mei and was severely wounded to death. Raiden Mei was stimulated and ran away and re-regulated, and she fought against Murata Himeko who came to suppress the Houkai. In the end, Mei was defeated by Kiana using unknown power to break wing of Herrscher. Then Kiana was persuaded by Theresa to join the Schicksal organization, and she was trained by the Valkyrie in Saint Freya Academy.

  • There is a view in CG that it is the core fragment of Sirin in Kiana's body absorbed the 3rd Herrscher's Houkai energy, thereby preventing the Mei from becoming Herrscher.

After attending St. Freya Academy, the three girls lived in a peaceful and short school life. Kiana was forced to make up the exam after the whole subject was linked. Bronya put her in a virtual reality illusion and returned to Europe 500 years ago to help her review history. Kiana accidentally discovered hidden modules in the Schicksal Database and learned the story of her ancestor Kallen Kaslana.

The Xuanyuan Sword - Chiyou Side Story

Follow the chapters in the chronicles of the game. In order to find Ji Xuanyuan's natural stigmata marks and the legendary Xuanyuan Sword, Himeko went to Chiyou with the protagonist group. However, after finding the Xuanyuan Sword in the seal, Himeko was eroded out of control by excessive Houkai power. The protagonist managed to control the situation but was attacked by Sin Mal, who was from Anti-Entropy Organization. The situation was even worse because the Xuanyuan Sword was taken away, and Judgment-level Chiyou was resurrected, and both Kiana group and Sin Mal were swallowed into Chiyou's body.

The protagonist group lost in Chiyou's body was guided by Ji Xuanyuan "Spirit", Xuanyuan Sword also differentiated into fragments and attached to their weapons, and Sin Mal that had been swallowed together had to cooperate with the Kiana group.

Anti-Entropy Invasion

Feeling incompetent, Kiana asked Theresa to conduct special training. During the training, Theresa simulated the strong enemies that Kiana had encountered in the past. After five training, the last enemy turned out to be Kiana's father: Siegfried Kaslana. The simulated Siegfried directly used Judgement of Shamash skills. On the other hand, Theresa, who was unable to stop the simulation battle, also knew that Kiana had seen Siegfried using the Judgement of Shamash. During that period, Kiana recovered briefly her father's disappearance.

  • At that time, after Siegfried fiercely battled with something using Judgement of Shamash, he broke his left arm. In the scorched earth of Judgement of Shamash, her father hugged Kiana who was golden in her right eye.

After fighting with his father, she confirmed his intention to protect Mei. Later, she come back to St. Freya dorm and assaulted Welt Joyce who was fighting with Mei, but lost. After that, she activated White Knight - Moonlight was activated again, and absorbed the Houkai energy from the Third Herrscher, creating a powerful form of the armor "Thunder Knight - Moonlight" and launched "Gungnir - Ultra Electromagnetism" at Welt.

Moon Shadow

After the Welt incident, Otto ordered Fu Hua to take Kiana to Singapore for a mission as he wanted to verify the extent of Kiana's ability. Kiana was embroiled in the Welt incident and was taken away by Dr. Magi, who had fled by fate, forcibly injecting medicines to dissolve the Houkai energy. However, under the insistence of Kiana, she still broke through the obstacle and contacted the Silent Death gem that was about to explode. The Silent Death gemstone activated the consciousness of Sirin in Kiana's body, and her body was taken away by Sirin. Fu Hua came to confront Kiana. Although she had used her powerful martial arts against the Herrscher, she was still unable to fight against K-423 who wore the "White Knight - Moonlight". In the end, Otto assisted Fu Hua and wore the "Shadow Knight - Moonblade" to stun Kiana, seal her consciousness and bring it back to Schicksal. This time, Otto found that although Kiana couldn't reach the level of the Second Herrscher, he could already use some of the power from the Herrscher's core.

Year 2016 - Houkai Impact 3rd Mainline Chapters 1~6

Chapter 1: Dusk - Girls - Battleship

Kiana boarding Moonlight Throne in Chapter 1

Kiana boarded the Moonlight Throne, an abnormally Anti Entropy air battleship, along with Mei and Bronya. During the period, Kiana was defeated by the Emperor-level Houkai beast, which led to the short-term awakening of the Mei Herrscher personality. The three protagonists continued to explore, but found that "Moonlight Throne" was indeed the battleship sent out, and the password was Kiana's birthday.

Chapter 2: Voice in the Dream

Sirin appeared as Mei in Kiana's dream

After returning to the Academy, Kiana began preparing for the final exams. Dreamed of "Mystery Voice" Sirin's personality in a dream. In the college exam, simulated the battle of the Emperor-level Houkai beast Ganesha, and received the praise of the inspector Rita Rossweisse, who came to observe the situation of K-423.

Chapter 3: Poem of the Wind and 4: Betrayer have a Silver Smile

Kiana and others went to the Oceania branch to get the 4th Herrscher gem, and had to fight against Herrscher of Wind, Wendy, and then benefited by Anti Entropy, and Bronya got controlled by Cocolia. Later, Kiana, Himeko, and Theresa went to the ME for rescue. However, Wendy died, and Bronya self-destructed the brain biochip inside her. Theresa entered the Schicksal Database to search for biochip-related information to treat Bronya, and Kiana followed her into Siberia in 2000 AD, which is The Second Houkai War.

Chapter 5: Snowfield Reunion and 6: Babylon's Prisoner


On the battlefield, Kiana fought together with Theresa and Cecilia, and obtained "a magic spell of all things". She used "the power of the magic spell" to realize her desire to interact with Cecilia, and even reverse the time. This Kiana thought that she "rewritten" the fact that her mother died in the year 2000. However, turning around and seeing the surprised Theresa, she learned from Theresa's mouth that she was in the Schicksal Database. Subsequently, Theresa was knocked down by S-Rank Valkyrie Durandal, and the sudden appearance of Fu Hua also told Kiana that there is no simulation device here. All these are illusions created by Sirin. Kiana refused to acknowledge her mother's departure again, chanting the spell Ich☆liebe☆dich (German "I love you") provided by Sirin, and began to become a Herrscher with Dark Devourer (recolor of "White Knight - Moonlight"), but Fu Hua also equipped her armor "Shadow Knight - Moonblade". Kiana was defeated and was recovered to Schicksal Headquarter.

K-423 VS Fu Hua in version 1.9 trailer

White Knight - Moonlight

K-423 is the temporary owner of this armor, Otto still finding the right owner for this armor.

White Knight - Moonlight is a prototype 4th generation God Killer Battlesuit developed by Otto, this armor was found by Bronya during the Houkai Beast invasion scene in Kaslana's hidden dataspace.

WK-Moonlight Project.png

Poem text on Moonlight Armor

They're dancing in the shadow
Like the whisper of love
Just dreaming of a place
Where they're free as a dove
They've never been allowed
To love in this cursed cage
It's only the fairy tale

This is a reference to the song "It's Only The Fairy Tale" from Mai-HiME.


  • Kiana in Chinese sounds like Coaster but on English fanbase, people were misinterpreted about the image in comic and this result into tuna instead!
  • Despite being very talented in manipulating Houkai energy and is very smart, Kiana's grades in school are poor especially when it comes to history.
  • However, she does really well in field practice as she is the kind of person that does not hate making an effort.
  • The fate of the original Kiana is currently unknown.
  • She has romantic feelings for Mei.
  • Good at games, but has never won a match against Bronya.
  • The White Knight - Moonlight Armor is confirmed to use at least 4 powers, this includes Kaslana power, 2nd Herrscher power, 3rd Herrscher power and 6th Herrscher power.
  • In Chinese, Herrscher (律化娜) sounds like NaCl (氯化钠).
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