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Kiana Kaslana is the debut role of the mobile game "Zombiegal Kawaii" (Houkai Gakuen 1), "Houkai Gakuen 2", "Houkai 3rd" and "Houkai Impact 3rd" developed by miHoYo and its derivative works.


Following the original plot of Houkai Gakuen 2, in 2014, the Third Houkai out in the Nagazora City, Kiana began a survival battle with Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik in Nagazora. During the attack of the Houkai beast, she protected Mei and was severely wounded to death. Raiden Mei was stimulated and ran away and re-regulated, and she fought against Murata Himeko who came to suppress the Houkai. In the end, Mei was defeated by Kiana using unknown power to break wing of Herrscher. Then Kiana was persuaded by Theresa to join the Schicksal organization, and she was trained by the Valkyrie in Saint Freya Academy.

After attending St. Freya Academy, the three girls lived in a peaceful and short school life. Kiana was forced to make up the exam after the whole subject was linked. Bronya put her in a virtual reality illusion and returned to Europe 500 years ago to help her review history. Kiana accidentally discovered hidden modules in the Schicksal Database and learned the story of her ancestor Kallen Kaslana.

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