Hyperion is a Battleship-class vehicle owned by Fire Moth and Schicksal

General statsEdit


Captain: Murata Himeko / Captain Hyperion

Passenger cap: 50-200 people

Length: 278.5m total,182m deck length

Misc: Nuclear power, 6x Nuclear Fusion Furnace, Leonov Anti-Gravity Engine

General ship structureEdit

Hyperion General Structure

[A] 6x 430mm Railgun

[B] 6x 270mm Railgun

[C] Close-Combat Weapon System

[D] Nexus-20 Energy Delivery Port

[E] 133m Fighting Deck (Capable of carrying Helios Transport Ship)

[F] Valkyrie launcher platform, used when the ship can't landing, up to 10 valkyries at the same time


Factory & RetrofitEdit

In the first original design, Hyperion was an Aircraft Carrier-type Battleship (each valkyire squad have a patrol ship assigned to), capable of deploying 6 patrol ships on its deck. The ship is used to repressing Honkai areas that below the scale of 3A. After being allocated to Himeko, the ship is modified into Amphibious Assault Battleship to explore Honkai areas above 3A.

In the other hand, if facing a random Honkai beast that is taller than 100 meters, the effect of railguns are very weak and the patrol ship is basically useless. Therefore, to fight with enemies that is over 100m, the Hyperion is modified from Aircraft Carrier-type into Amphibious Assault type and Himeko will use her Nexus Armor at the Fighting Deck.


Leonov Anti-Gravity EngineEdit

Hyperion is equipped with 2 engines at the front and back of the ship. With the Anti-Gravity Engine, the ship is now able to take off, land vertically and float mid-air easily. The engine usually only need 4 Nuclear Fusion Furnaces, the other 2 is prepaired in standby mode.

Close-Combat Weapon SystemEdit

The close-in weapon system is arranged on both sides of the battleship, designed to shoot down missiles and Honkai beasts. It does deal most damage to beasts below 10m. Fortunately, the size of most flying Honkai beast are mostly under 10m tall.

This weapon system have following compoments: radar, multi-tube medium-calibre cannon-to-air missile with rapid fire. The gun can be rotated in azimuth.



Main gun

  • 430mm barrel
  • 30m long
  • 0.03s charge time
  • 2000m/s travel speed

Sub gun

  • 270mm barrel
  • 18m long
  • 0.03s charge time
  • 600m/s travel speed

Because Honkai beast shell is very hard to penetrate when using metal shell and the space in battleship is limited, railgun become the best choice to fight against them but consume huge amount of energy.

The warheads in the railguns are delayed explosive warheads. It will go through the shell and explode the muscle tissue wrapped in the shell.


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