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Zombiegal Kawaii

I started playing miHoYo games since their first 2D side-scrolling shooter game called Zombiegal Kawaii (Also known as The End of School / High School of Dead or HSoD). Later the game was turned from offline game into online game known as Guns Girl Z or Houkai Gakuen 2.

I'm also one of the very first player to play Honkai Impact 3 1.0 on CN server and later choose r/houkai3rd  as one of my Reddit community (also currently moderating too).

"psst, I don't have much HTML/CSS programming skill so it's quite difficult for me to design this wiki, also few weird things may happen."



About a 2 years ago, I stumbled upon a game while randomly scrolling through Reddit. At that time, the


game was very small where I lived. I live in Thailand, that is why I am online at times where many people from the West are asleep.

I had already stopped playing Houkai Impact 3rd because I found its play style repetitive after about a year. Then, I found the Houkai 2nd Comic in Mangakalot (Manga Website). That’s when I started to delve into the lore of the Game and was fascinated in its deep lore spanning over 50000 years.

I researched on this wiki and became staff on this wiki because I wanted to help out this wonderful little community as best as I can.

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