Houkai (or alternatively referred to as Honkai) is a cyclical natural disaster phenomenon which is a rhythm of periodic adjustment of the universe.

Every once in a while, the Houkai will break out. The outbreak time of the Houkai is irregular and unpredictable, making it highly dangerous.

Manifestation of Houkai

Falling Kiana

The manifestations of Houkai are unpredictable. It can come in the form of wars, infectious diseases, climate disasters, comet impacts, and even the arrival of giant monsters(known as Houkai beasts).

  • According to the interpretation, the Houkai is the unpredictable will of God. From obtained scientific results, it brings about a large number of extinctions of the world's dominant species.
  • The Black Death of the 14th century was a manifestation of a Houkai, acting on humans who dominated the world at the time, directly or indirectly caused the destruction of one third of the world's population.
  • The extinction of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period is also a manifestation of Houkai. History books have no confirmed explanation of why the dinosaurs went extinct.

Houkai Energy

Houkai releases a kind of energy that has never been seen in past technology - Houkai Energy.

The efficiency of Houkai can far exceed any energy currently found in the world, but the Houkai can form Houkai creature from zombie creatures. Humans without sufficient resistance and immunity who come into contact with houkai energy will become a mindless zombie.In some case humans will turn into herrscher if he/she is the chosen one

Houkai Source

The Houkai can have the characteristics of mutual attraction, and they will attract each other to form a “Houkai source”.

  • The Houkai source is not stable, constant, or evenly distributed in the universe.
  • Numerous small Houkai sources will gradually aggregate and become a larger Houkai source, but this aggregation will not develop indefinitely.
  • The bigger Houkai source, the more unstable they will destroy the steady state under external disturbances and break through the critical equilibrium, causing huge explosions.
  • When Houkai explodes, a large amount of it may be consumed in a short time, which can cause distortions in reality.
  • In this process, the physical properties of time and space will cause massive subversion. However, this will likely come at the expense of a huge international disaster.
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