Homu Edit

Appeared as a mythical rabbit-shaped creature, and different characters have different skin tones and ears. Homu's teeth are very sharp but it don't have claws.

He is also a state-of-art tech product that doesn't require a battery to function and have its own personality.


Character developmentEdit

Houkai GakuenEdit

First appeared in Houkai Gakuen version 1.1 (May 2014), also the first time Bronya appeared in Houkai world and on the hand is holding a yellow rabbit doll named "Homu".

Houkai Gakuen 2Edit

It was not until the chapter 13 and 14 were updated that there was an explanation about Homu. The role of Anti-Entropy in the cartoon "The Adventure of Homu" painted by Welt Joyce seems to control the entertainment world of Houkai.

At the same time (or earlier), Homu's popularity and appearances are getting higher and higher, becoming the world’s first popular idol.

Houkai Impact 3Edit

In the Houkai 3rd worldview, Homu is no longer the exclusive to Bronya, but instead becomes a kind of mascot that everyone in the world likes. Of course, Bronya is particularly fond of it.

In the previous comics, the game mentioned Homu. The Headmaster of Freya Academy likes to read the comics of "The Adventure of Homu" in the office. After Himeko came in, she used the very fast speed to tear the comics into pieces to destroy the evidence.

The helmet that Bronya made for Kiana to enter the Schicksal database is the shape of Hori.

Later, in Chiyou stage, he began to act as a merchant, he will take Houkai fragments and exchange various buffs with the players. Being attacked will knock the Valkyrie.

List of Homu family characters Edit

Homu (Common) Edit


Appeared in Houkai world with yellow color, a kind of mascot that everyone in the world likes. Of course, Bronya is particularly fond of it.

Themed character: Bronya Zaychik

Homei (Uncommon) Edit


Pink color, Homu's lover. Both Homu and Homei usually show in the Homu's theme park.

Themed character: Raiden Mei

Hola (Uncommon) Edit


Red flame color with shark teeth, and the ears on the head seems to burn. Expert on using bombs.

Themed character: Murata Himeko

Homi (Rare) Edit


Pale pink color with a bow on the head.

The eyes are red, with a rabbit-like tail and teeth.

Themed character: Theresa Apocalypse

Holi (Rare) Edit

Blue color, the ears and tail look like liquid.

Themed character: Kiana Kaslana

Horo (Ultra Rare) Edit

Dark purple color with unique tail, angel wings and aura.

Themed character: Seele Vollerei

Hotaro (Exclusive) Edit


Purple color with a blindfold on the right eye, didn't appear directly in the plot but instead as a dormitory decoration.

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