In "Houkai 3rd" open world "Sakura Samsara" story, this mysterious creature found in a barrel of Yae Village. Guided Yae Sakura to experience a series of events in the castle tower, looking for the missing Kallen and making Yae Sakura get the "hidden spirit". Later, she became the assistant in the open world. After upgrading her abilites, you can get various convenient abilities, such as assassination, character teleporting and so on.

Calling Yae Sakura as "big sister", Yae Sakura was a bit collapsed.

It is worth noting that the real name of the 12th Herrscher of the last generation is unknown. "Higyokumaru" is the name that Yae Sakura gave her, but in most cases it is not necessary to discuss this detail.

Stigmata StoryEdit

  • There are a lot of names used by Higyokumaru and some of them are very annoying. Some names can't be remembered. Whenever someone asks her name, she always hesitates and reveals a naive smile: "Higyokumaru! Big sister likes to call me that."
  • Like to eat oil tofu, compared to the love of Yae Sakura, it is not too much. In order to eat the first pot of tofu in the village snack shop on the same day, she wouldn't even sleep all night, waiting at the door of the shop. As for when to sleep...that is of course the day!
  • Regardless of her age, Higyokumaru likes to use the word "big sister". For Higyokumaru, the big sister is not a simple title. It can fill the gully for 50000 years and let Higyokumaru return to youth.
  • Higyokumaru, which like to eat barbecue, are not tired of doing this herself. However, everything that has been baked has turned into charcoal and cannot be eaten...
  • Higyokumaru likes to watch the lively tricks. However, when the Acrobatic Troupe of the foreign town passed by Yae Village, she saw a trick of fire-breathing from their mouth. Higyokumaru is very depressed, she knows... it turns out that fire breathing isn't a rare thing.


  • Her real name isn't Higyokumaru.
  • She is an imaginary friend in Sakura Samsara, not to be confused with Crimson Hell (Big fox) and Scarlet Mitama (Samurai soul)
  • In fact, player can carry Higyokumaru outside of Sakura Samsara by equipping her stigmata.
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