Spacetime (Void) Herrscher


  • Ranged attack with very high constant DPS
  • Powerful Spacetime CC without requiring perfect evasion

Core features

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Boundary / Fracture / Lock, trigger without perfect evasion doesn't have penalty...

Core-Feature Burst Charge Attack

Core-Feature Suction Mini-suction

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Semi Shield Break

Spacetime Boundary
Float Ulti
Branch No Charge Yes
Debuff Damage receive increase QTE condition Spacetime
Shield break
Mark Houkai Mark Gauge bar Herrscher Energy


崩壊3rd公式PV ver.2

崩壊3rd公式PV ver.2.5「女王降臨」

Strengthes and Weaknesses


  • Top-class Physical DPS character
  • Top-class Ulti damage
  • Have mini-suction
  • Have Spacetime Boundary as evasion skill


  • Very low defense, heavily reduced DPS if interrupted
  • Unable to go against hordes of enemies without support as her mobility is quite slow, even with her Evasion Skill.

Herrscher Skill Set

Skill Kiana YL 005

Leader Skill - Void Energy

Skill Nagative Control02

Shared skill Void Energy

Team crit damage +40%, crit rate +15%

Skill Kiana YL 001 -278935

Basic Attack - Void Spear


Skill Kiana YL 001

5 steps Lance Throw (Normal)

1st Throw: 60% Physical damage
2nd Throw: 2*40% Physical damage
3rd Throw: 150% Physical damage
4th Throw: 2*40% Physical damage
5th Void Gate: Create a Void Gate deal 80% Physical damage and pull enemies toward it, also pull lances spawned around to the gate and deal 6*40% Physical damage.
Void Core: Void Core will spawn if 3rd/5th step hit an enemy, explode after 0.5s and deal 100% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage02


During Herrscher Time: +30% All-damage,+30% All-damage against mech enemies

Skill Nagative Control03

Shared skill Degenerate Effect

During Herrscher Time: Void Core now deal 350% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Dimension Overload (Toggleable)

During Herrscher Time: Void Gate suction range increased to 10m

Skill Kiana YL 003 -278766

Evasion - Phase Transition

Spacetime Boundary

Skill Kiana YL 003

Single Phase Transition

Kiana can perform Transition 1 time, cd 2s
On perfect evasion trigger Spacetime Boundary for 3s, cd 20s
Passive Evasion: when you trigger Active Evasion or Perfect Evasion, quickly tap attack button to perform 3rd Throw

Skill Nagative Damage02

Void Lock (Toggleable)

Active Evasion can be activated when hit an enemy on Transition path, Active Evasion cd -3s.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Energy Countercurrent

For every enemies decelerated by Spacetime Boundary, +10% Physical damage for 10s, max 3 stacks.

Skill Nagative Control02

Stagnation Space SSS-Rank

After Spacetime Boundary end, trigger extra Spacetime Fracture for 2s

Skill Kiana YL 002

Charge Attack - Spacetime Shock

Skill Kiana YL 001

Herrscher Energy

2 Yellow bars, each bar equal to 240 points, gain 60 points each time Void Core appear. Can't gain Herrscher Energy while in Herrscher Time.

When Herrscher Energy is 1 bar or more, hold attack button to perform Finger Snap
Finger Snap: 600% AoE Physical damage, +400% Physical damage and increase hit range if activate with full 2 bars.

Activate Finger Snap will also trigger Herrscher Time buff.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Shared skill Overloaded Core

Void Core +50% Phyiscal damage

Skill Nagative Damage03

Shared skill Distortion

Charge attack +60% all damage against broken elite shield.

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Otherworld Transition

After QTE end, recover 60 Herrscher Energy and +20% attack speed for 10s.

Skill Kiana YL 004 -278990

Ultimate - Imaginary World

Skill Kiana YL 004

Tear the space - 125 EP

Open the Spacetime fabric to unleash a barrage of raw energy.

Inflict at least 9-12 hits to enemies on large range in front of the character, each hit deal 300% Physical damage
At the end, Spacetime Lock all enemies in front for 3s.

Skill Nagative StartUp02

Shared skill QTE - Houkai Domination

When enemies are Spacetime Decelerated or elite shield broken, trigger tag-in will peform Spacetime Fracture and launch deadly spears from subspace, dealing 10*100% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage03


During ulti: If enemy HP higher than 50%, +30% crit rate. If enemy HP lower than 50%, All-damage +50%

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Imaginary Boundary - SS Rank

When ulti end, recover 360 Herrscher Energy

Skill Kiana YL 006

Passive Skills

Skill Kiana YL 001

Herrscher Time: Consume 24 Herrscher Energy/0.5s
Change Basic Attack to 3 steps with increased attack speed and moving speed, increase evasion to 2 times and increase interrupt resistance.

3 steps Lance Throw (Herrscher Time)
1st Throw: 3*40% Physical damage
2nd Throw: 2*40% Physical damage
3rd Void Gate: Create a Void Gate deal 80% Physical damage and pull enemies toward it, also pull lances spawned around to the gate and deal 6*50% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Law of the Void SS-Rank

Each hit against the same target +1% crit rate, up to 20%. If not attack for 3s or switch target, reset this skill.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Energy Shift

Each time spawn a Void Core will reduce own indirect damage 15% for 10s, up to 3 times. Each time trigger this skill, the timer will reset.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Houkai Mark SS-Rank

Charge attack put a mark on the target for 10s, target all damage receive +15%

Outfit Story

Herrscher of the Void

  • In 2000, the 2nd Herrscher, Sirin, was wiped out under the siege of mankind, and the Herrscher Core fell into the hands of Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. In the future, [Sirin's Plan], which has swept the fate of countless people, has also kicked off...
  • K423 is the only replica of a Herrscher clone that managed to survive. Her body is mixed with the strongest warrior in the Schicksal plan, having the DNA of Siegfried and Cecilia. She will become the body of the Herrscher of the Void again, and help the Herrscher control the power. After more than a decade of twists and turns, the Herrscher of Void is finally come to the world.
  • Compared with the data in the record, the rebirth of the Herrscher appears to be more silent and cold, but it is only because she has not been able to adapt to the new body after she has experienced a long sleep. Sirin's soul has not changed, when she completely controls the dominance of this body, she will once again become the crazy, arrogant Spacetime Herrscher.
    However, the only difference is that this body still hosts another soul.

Winter Queen

  • She wove her raiment from the polar aurora, forged stardust to make her crown, and transformed the eternal night into her personal palace. The Knight raised her lance against the raging drake. The Winter Queen has finally graced this world with her presence.


  • K-423 has only reached Phase 3 of the Herrscher Awakening Process so she can't control Houkai beasts at all.
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