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Herrscher of ReasonEdit

  • The gesture of Bronya's fusion with the Herrscher core in the Quantum Sea is also proof of Welt Young's recognition. In this form, Remodelled Bunny 19C and Bronya's appearance have changed towards what she think is "ideal".
  • The power of Herrscher of Reason is the ability to construct things(human creations) that they can "fully understand", and Bronya's use of this ability mostly revolves around Remodelled Bunny. She was not able to construct a huge armor, warship or fighter like Welt, but she can reconstruct 19C and its weapons.
  • Although Bronya gained resistance against Houkai through the X-10 experiment, owning a Herrscher core is still a dangerous risk. If she uses Herrscher power for a prolonged amount of time, her body will become corrupted, similar to what happened with Welt. But Bronya has no time to think about the future. Her greatest desire is to find the gems in the Quantum Sea. To dive into the depths to find her beloved Seele, and possibly save Welt as well.
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