2nd vs 1st Herrscher

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A Herrscher (German: lord, ruler, sovereign. Chinese: God) is a human that has merged with Houkai energy and has given into the will of the Houkai to destroy the current era of human civilization. They are extremely powerful, in such that S-rank Valkyries rarely stand a chance of winning if a fight broke out.

Since they need a human body to host them, they are nigh-immortal but can be killed (or at least rendered immobile) if their physical form is destroyed or disabled or if their cores are extracted from their bodies.

Background Concept

When Houkai energy in an area reaches 1000 HW (Houkai Welt) or higher, there is a small chance that someone may absorb sufficient Houkai energy to become a Herrscher. But to actually make a condensed Herrscher core, it requires at least 2000 HW or more.

A Herrscher accompanies each generation of humans. Each Herrscher has different abilities and is considered the midpoint between the human race and between the Houkai beasts. A Herrscher has abilities that far exceed human beings, even S-Rank Valkyries can barely contend with one. The only thing all potential Herrschers have in common is higher than normal Houkai adaptability.

Herrschers are humans that have been corrupted mentally as well as physically to Houkai. Being near them will subject you to high levels of Houkai radiation. Normally humans with low Houkai adaptability will become akin to a zombie. Unlike normal Houkai zombies, Herrschers have partial human consciousness and have direct contact to the will of the Houkai. If the Herrscher is strong-willed, they can reject the will of the Houkai and become rogue.

The "Herrscher" title is temporary and may change in the future.

Number Title Character Core type Ability God Key
1 Herrscher of Reason

Welt Joyce (New World Herrscher)

Welt Yang (New World Herrscher)

Bronya Zaychik (New World Herrscher)

Superhuman memory.

Ability to reconstruct anything that has been thoroughly understood.

Key of Revelation: Void Library
2 Herrscher of the Void Unknown Old World Herrscher

Sirin (New World Herrscher)

K-423 (New World Herrscher)

Gem Spacetime manipulation. Key of the Void: Unnamed Locomotive
3 Herrscher of Thunder

Unknown Old World Herrscher

Raiden Mei (New World Herrscher)

Gem Electricity and lightning manipulation. Unnamed Rifle
4 Herrscher of Wind

Unknown Old World Herrscher

Wendy (New World Herrscher)

Gem Ideal fluid manipulation. Unknown
5 Herrscher of Ice Unknown Old World Herrscher Gem Unknown Unknown
6 Herrscher of Death

Unknown Old World Herrscher (Seele lookalike)


The ability to control life and death. Black Abyss White Flower (Abyssal Flower in SEA / Global HI3 client)
7 Herrscher of Flame Captain Himeko (Old World Herrscher) Gem Accelerating molecular motion to the point that causing extreme heat. Key of Destruction series
8 Unknown Unknown Old World Herrscher Unknown Mind manipulation.

Creating Dreamscapes.

Key of Consciousness series
9 Herrscher of Earth Unknown Old World Herrscher Unknown Gravity manipulation.

Create Black Holes.

Key of Devouring series
10 Herrscher of Domination Several (1000 individuals) 1000 Gems Control a specific element.
Mind-linking through quantum.
Key of Domination series
11 Herrscher of Binding Unknown Old World Herrscher Gem Energy flow manipulation. Key Of Binding series
12 Herrscher of Corruption RIN (Old World Herrscher) Gem Self-aware lethal virus. Key of Corruption
13 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
14 The Final Herrscher The Chosen One (Real Kiana / Old World Herrscher) Gems (Exist in current world) Absolute control over Houkai energy. None

Herrscher Awakening Process

Keep in mind that these are all based on what has been observed and pieced together by the community, meaning that the following information you are about to read hasn't been confirmed by MiHoYo yet.

You have been reminded.

  • Phase 1: The "Will of Houkai" will communicate with the eligible person, give birth to another personality called the "Herrscher consciousness" and will continue to invoke the negative emotions of the eligible person in their heart to bait them into hating humanity and submit themself to the Will of Houkai.
  • Phase 2: The eligible person will start undergoing a metamorphosis, early signs are flashes of exhaustion and illness. The candidate's phase 2 process depends on the "Herrscher consciousness" requirement of Houkai energy to form a core. Houkai power will attract the zombies and Houkai beasts in order to protect the eligible person before the "Herrscher consciousness" is fully dominant.
  • Phase 3: "The Herrscher consciousness" will try to suppress and eradicate human consciousness. Upon full control, it begins to absorb massive amounts of Houkai energy and summon Houkai beasts to spread radiation, As it gains more Houkai energy, it will develop exclusive abilities. This is the sign that the eligible human is at the verge of being a true Herrscher.
  • Phase 4: Tearing the human heart and completely abandoning the goodness in humanity, leaving endless hatred, revenge and become true Herrscher. At this time the Herrscher is completely born, then it will control Houkai beasts and hordes of human zombies. It can maximize the potential of its Herrscher core and create custom Houkai beasts.

Note: Phase 2 and Phase 3 can be reversed, provided that the eligible person who has very high adaptability and strong will, they can surpass their "Herrscher consciousness".

Note: If a Herrscher comes in contact with the "Will of Houkai" it can gain enhanced abilities.

Known Herrschers

1st New World: Herrscher of Reason

Characters: Welt Joyce, Welt Yang, Bronya Zaychik

Welt Joyce, the 1st Herrscher of Reason


Welt Joyce as Guinea pig

The symbol of Anti-Entropy (former heir to the bishop of Otto's Destiny), the ability to reproduce anything physical he understands. This kind of reproduction can even become a kind of "muscle memory" - but it has been copied by the first Herrscher. The "blueprint" of the thing will be preserved and copied more efficiently the next time it is used. When the first Herrscher reached Master Reconstruction Mastery, he can cast some skills without even needing the weapon on the hand. (Even if it is the God Key, as long as he knows how it works and how it can be used, it can be reproduced easily.)

When Welt Joyce became the first Herrscher in 1952, he unconsciously destroyed Berlin and killed 300,000 people, including Carl Gustav, Einstein's first mentor.

Because Welt's human consciousness overcomes the Herrscher consciousness, he doesn't have the ability to control Houkai beast without obeying the Houkai. Welt become a symbol of Houkai renegade.

Welt Yang, the 2nd Herrscher of Reason

Born Joachim Nokianvirtanen, when Welt Joyce died, he inherited the name of "Welt" and the core of 1st Herrscher, and changed his name to Welt Yang, taking on the new generation of Rule-abiding people who guarded human responsibility. The real lord of Anti-Entropy, the image of Welt is presented to the world.

Welt Yang Top Image

Welt Yang

Bronya Zaychik, the 3rd Herrscher of Reason

Bronya came into possession of the core of the 1st Herrscher in the Sea of Quanta after going through several bubble universes created by Welt Yang. Bronya later lost the core in an altercation with Kevin Kaslana, forcing Welt Yang to recreate his body around the core to protect it. After escaping the Sea of Quanta with Seele Vollerei, Welt Yang offers the core to Bronya once again, promising to instruct her on how to use it.


2nd New World: Herrscher of the Void

Character: Sirin

Sirin, Herrscher of the Void. Accompanied by the Houkai beast Benares. At present, it is only clear that Schicksal has a plan named after her (Sirin's Plan).

In Sirin's past, she was used as a lab rat for Shicksal and was abused by the researchers, her friends being killed one by one, and her mother eventually passing away due to illness.

2nd lawmaker


During the fight with S-Class Valkyrja, Cecilia Schariac, both Cecilia and Sirin got killed by Schicksal's missiles. 2nd Herrscher core was obtained by Otto Apocalypse.

In Otto's plan, awakened in K-423, Sirin occupied her body, caused a large Houkai disaster, called back Benares and even attacked the Destiny HQ. After the reappearance, she was defeated by Himeko and was injected with a serum that renders Sirin's consciousness asleep and awakens K-423's consciousness, at the cost of Himeko's death. She turned into another energy madness, and the Dream world collapses.

3rd New World: Herrscher of Thunder

Character: Raiden Mei

Raiden Mei is the daughter of the former president of Massive Electric (referred to as ME), a second-grade student of Senba High School, and later the student of St. Freya Academy, B-Rank Valkyrie.

3rd lawmaker

Raiden Mei, the 3rd Herrscher

Her ability is to manipulate electromagnetic fields includes "electromagnetic field surrounding the body" and "electromagnetic pulses that destroy chemical bonds within the molecule".

After the young Mei awakening ability was sealed by her father Ryoma, she couldn't freely manipulate the power of the thunder and she was divided into two personalities: the human personality and the Herrscher personality.

4th New World: Herrscher of Wind

Character: Wendy

Wendy is an A-Rank Valkyrie, and also Theresa's best student and has a high potential of becoming an S-Rank Valkyrie, but she got controlled by the will of Houkai and became the Herrscher of Wind.

4th Herrscher

Wendy, the 4th Herrscher

6th Old World Herrscher of Death

The 6th Herrscher of the Old World has no elaboration on who she is, however the manga "Divine Key" showed a panel of the 6th Herrscher with a girl who looks similiar to Seele, hinting that Seele's previous reincarnation in the Old World was the 6th Herrscher. Although the core was made into a God Key, the stigmata of the herrscher goes on to be in Seele's reincarnation in the New World.  Note: Seele of the New World only has the stigmata of this Herrscher, she does not have a Herrscher core.

In Moonblade comic, Kiana was infused with the sixth gem/core, lost consciousness, got controlled by Sirin, and later defeated by Shadow Knight Fu Hua. The core is then removed, but as the 4th Honkai Eruption begins, the 6th Herrscher core returns to Sirin.

7th Old World: Herrscher of Flame

Character: Captain HIMEKO

The symbol of destruction. She is Himeko's parallel self in the Old World, and her becoming a Herrscher resulted in killing many present at the event. She was the most powerful physically destructive Herrscher, being more destructive than the ones before, and turned the entire continent of Australia into a sea of ​​fire in just one week of synthesis. Later on, she got killed by Kevin Kaslana and the Herrscher core was made into Judgement of Shamash.

Her ability is to freely manipulate fire however she likes.

Primordial Wings 04

The 7th Herrscher Awakening is from Fu Hua's 5th Squad

8th Old World Herrscher

Core retrieved by Kevin Kaslana, formed into the God Key, Phoenix Down

9th Old World: Herrscher of Earth

The ability to control gravity, core retrieved by Kevin Kaslana, formed into the God Key, Eden Star.

10th Old World: Herrscher of Domination

When the Herrscher of Domination began to manifest in a Fire Moth solider, Dr. MEI and Kevin thought they were lucky but were surprised upon hearing of 41 awakenings of Herrschers. All of them were the same Herrscher of Domination and each isolated core proved them to be identical. Dr. MEI realized if so many soldiers became the Herrscher of Domination, that this core can reproduce itself through each incarnation of will be limited in their capacity but still offer a dangerous level of power.


  • Elemental Domination: Possesses the ability to control 6 elements: Lighting, Ice, Wind, Fire, Earth and Magic. However, it's far weaker than any Herrschers controlling a specific element.
  • Domination Supply: The core can split itself into 1000 copies which can either be planted into humans who will fall under the control of the original Herrscher. The replications have moderate control compared to the original. However, 1000 cores are only as strong as 1 original core.
  • Army of One: All who share the core can communicate through a hive mind.

As many cores as possible were salvaged by Kevin and M.E.I to create keys that can potentially be activated.

11th Old World: Herrscher of Binding/ Anti-Herrscher

This Herrscher can manipulate and destroy Houkai energy. It can absorb and drain all kinds of energy including the Houkai energy. Core retrieved by Kevin Kaslana and formed into the God key: Oath of Judah which is given to S-class Valkyrie by Otto Apocalypse.

12th Old World: Herrscher of Corruption

Character: 12th Herrscher

12th Herrscher had the ability to project her own consciousness onto any object and control it freely. In reality, this Herrscher was actually a self-aware lethal virus which was coloured black and red, which infected everybody and turned them into zombies. Not only that, but she was also able to control machines, launching nuclear missiles and destroyed a part of the old world. Professor MEI had to seal it into the purple box before it managed to destroy the rest of human civilization.

RIN Old World

The 12th Herrscher

The purple box later fell into Schicksal's hand, causing the Black Death. Eleanor Schariac injected a fragment of this Herrscher onto herself, becoming a large spider beast and later got defeated by Kallen and Otto. After witnessing the inhumane experimentation of Schicksal using Crystal Disillusionment, Kallen stole the purple box and ran away to Yae Village and later got fatally wounded. Yae Sakura later unwittingly opened the box, releasing Higyokumaru and all her stored hate all over the past time and possessed Sakura, turning her into a large fox beast that was later defeated and sealed by Kallen.

Higyokumaru currently resides in the Stigmata dimension after the events of the Sakura Samsara.


  • Self-aware lethal virus: infected everybody and turned them into zombies, also able to control machines too.
  • Herrscher Authority: Can control zombies and beasts unless there is another Herrscher controlling them.


In some cases, there are individuals who possess extremely high Houkai energy similar to a Herrscher but does not possess their own Herrscher core but with a stigmata instead.

  • Houkai Antibody have 1% chance of manifesting appeared on the body, these were called Natural stigmata.
  • Houkai energy from the stigmata can infect their mind at any time.

Known Pseudo-Herrschers

  • Yae Sakura: who was possessed by the 12th Herrscher of the old world. She given the stigmata to Theresa in Escape from Nagazora comic, destroying her body.
  • Yu Nai: Killed by Theresa in Escape from Nagazora comic after Sakura given the Herrscher power.
  • Li Er: Mentioned in Stigmata Mystery.
  • Shakespeare: Mentioned in Stigmata Mystery.
  • Theresa Apocalypse: Received from Yae Sakura.
  • Seele Vollerei: Possibly Natural Stigmata (low chance of being engineered one)

Herrschers revived by Sirin

The 3 Pseudo-Herrschers are Sirin's old friends who died in the Babylon experiments who returned to the earth after captured the 1st Herrscher core and were given fake cores constructed from Herrscher of Reason power to become Pseudo-Flame, Pseudo-Wind, and Pseudo-Death.



One of 3 Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin, was given fake Herrscher core of "Eager Storm", possessed the ability of the Wind Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Finland-Oulu, bringing more power to Sirin.



One of 3 Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin, was given fake Herrscher core of "Inflammation", possessed the ability of the Fire Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Kazakhstan-Astana, bringing more power to Sirin.



One of 3 Babylon experiment resurrected by Sirin, was given fake Herrscher core of "Silent Death", possessed the ability of the Death Herrscher, and was ordered to destroy in Russia-Novosibirsk, bringing more power to Sirin.


Benares was upgraded to Pseudo-Herrscher by Sirin on the moon with the Herrscher core of Lightning.

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