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HOYO-MiX, the purely original music team of the well-known ACG mobile game "Houkai" series developed by miHoYo, originally composed by Zoe, JODODO and Sya.

Team Profile[]

HOYO-MiX is the in-house music team of miHoYo, "Diva of Disruptive World", "Angel of Sin", "Only Master", "Yae Sakura", "The day you and the stars disappeared" and other songs such as "Girls Inside", "Reburn", "Millennium Feather", all of which are composed by HOYO-MiX.

  • In 2011, the team developed the "Diva of Disruptive World" song (formerly known as "The Hatsune Miku version" which the voice was gradually ruined) and later became a part of miHoYo trailer.
  • In 2012, the team began to deliver a full line of music for the mobile game "Houkai Gakuen".
  • In 2015, the music team began to undertake the "Houkai 3rd" interface music, level battle music, PV tracks, and event tracks.
  • In 2016, miHoYo launched their first OST album "Diva of Disruptive World" in the C90 exhibition in Japan.
  • In 2017, "Houkai 3rd" was launched on App Store contains 6 classic OST in the "Houkai Gakuen 2" classics.
  • In April 2017, new six songs were updated. The title of the song is unknown.
  • In June 2017, Netease Cloud Music "Houkai 3rd Impact" soundtrack music album was launched.
  • In July 2017, HOYO-MiX teamed up with Japanese pianist and singer Kobayashi to publish "Girls Inside". Only half a month after the release, the sixth place scored into the Netease cloud music list, and another reset version of the theme song "Diva of Disruptive World" has already won a place in the top ten.
  • In November 2017, the eponymous soundtrack produced in the Houkai 3rd short animation "Reburn" was put on the line.
  • In January 2018, once again joined hands with Kobayashi to launch the Fuhua song "Millennium Feather"
  • May 2018, Houkai 3rd impression song "Befall" at the same time landing on Netease cloud music, QQ music, etc... sung by well-known Chinese The singer 尚雯婕.

Team members[]


Music Director of miHoYo, leader of HOYO-MiX, core composer.



Arranger producer, has written and produced songs for many singers and film and television dramas. JODODO


professional lyricist, amateur poet, hobby arranger, senior guitarist.





Houkai 3rd - Original Soundtrack [2017][]


Chinese version

Houkai 3rd Impact cover

JP version with 2 CDs

Houkai 3rd Original Soundtracks JP cover

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Chinese music streaming site Netease Music and as 2 physical CDs in TGS 2018, set of 2 CD is priced 3000 yen and each CD contain 15 tracks.

Netease Music: https://music.163.com/#/album?id=35622177 

1 Disc[]

01. Startover

02. Diva of Disruptive World

03. Cometh

04. Ark

05. Another

06. Lighting

07. Karame

08. Pas

09. Rage

10. Ace

11. Pre-Pro

12. Warning

13. Nitro

15. Echo

16. Sava

17. Y

18. MallX

19. Grow

20. Lift

21. Evo

22. Flyby

23. Destiny

24. Mach

26. Rebirth

27. Girl Inside-小林未郁

28. Reburn-茶理理

29. Feather of Millennium-小林未郁

30. Befall-尚雯婕

Houkai 3rd - Onwards Original Sountrack [2018][]

Houkai 3rd Onwards cover

Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Chinese music streaming site Netease Music

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/album/%E5%B4%A9%E5%9D%8F3-onwards-original-soundtrack/1447414097

Netease Music: https://music.163.com/#/album?id=74946157

1 Disc[]

01. Nightglow

02. Dragon

03. Routine

04. Rave

05. Revolt

06. Raid

07. Action

08. Beloved

09. Mystify

10. Forbidden

11. Couds

12. Link

13. Shimmer

14. Moonrise

15. Crush

16. Bamboo

17. Katana

18. Shrine

19. Shuttle

20. Mist

21. Dogfight

22. Empty

23. Colossus

24. Elsewhere

25. Quell

26. Snowfield

27. Trace

28. Gion2

29. Nightglow (Instrumental)

30. Lyin (See you in the next world)

31. Cyberangel

Post-Honkai Oddysey[]

Soundtracks are available on both Apple Music and Spotify

Cooking with Valkyries II[]

Soundtracks are only available on Apple Music

Houkai 3rd - Review[]

Soundtracks are only available on Apple Music

List of songs[]

Diva of Disruptive World


Houkai Gakuen 2 - Diva of Disruptive World (独法师) OST

Angel of Sin


Houkai Gakuen 2 - Angel of Sin (罪之天使) OST

Only Master


Houkai Gakuen 2 - Only Master (独法师) OST Remastered version

End Day


Houkai Gakuen 2 - End of Day (EndDay) OST Original uncut ver

Yae Sakura


Houkai EX MAD - Sakura Story

The day you and the stars disappeared


Houkai 2nd MAD - Theresa Tribute song The day you and the stars disappeared

Color of Snowy Night


Houkai Gakuen 2 - Color of Snowy Night (漆夜雪) OST



Houkai 2nd AMV - See you in next world (Lyin OST)




Houkai 3rd Impact - Reburn OST Remastered upload

Millennium Feather


Houkai 3rd Impact - Feather of Millennium (千年之羽) OST



Houkai 3rd Impact - Befall OST



Houkai 3rd Impact - Nightglow OST (Full OST)



Houkai 3rd Impact - Cyberangel OST (Full OST)