This page is for Google Play Games achievements.

Unlockable after the August 23 2017 update on JP server.

There are total 10 achievements which 5 are legit to unlock, the other 5 are templates that does nothing!

Google Play Games Achievements

Update date: May 30 2020

Welcome to the World of Houkai achievement.png

Welcome to the World of Houkai

Reach Captain level 10
Common • 500 XP • 58% of players have this

Why are you so proficient achievement.png

Why are you so proficient?

Reach Captain level 30
Rare • 1000 XP • 7% of players have this

For the evil of love and truth achievement.png

For the evil of love and truth

Reach Captain level 50
Rare • 1500 XP • 3% of players have this

School Idol, Start! achievement.png

School Idol, Start!

Collect 2 S class Valkyries
Rare • 500 XP • 6% of players have this

Great Chiliocosm achievement.png

Great Chiliocosm

Collect 15 sets of stigmata
Rare • 2500 XP • 2% of players have this

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