God Key (or Grand Key/Divine Key when translated from Chinese) are weapons marked as 'God (or Herrscher) Killer'. These weapons were initially designed and produced by Professor MEI, who worked as a chief researcher at the organization Fire Moth. Her research and weapons were a key to defeating 13 Herrschers. She, however, did not complete a form of each God Key. If the Key was almost ready but needed more time to properly contain the power of the core, it was left in a safe cube shape.

God Keys are made from actual Herrscher cores from previous civilization (except Hollow Armor), and they were not made from 14th Herrscher cores (which was sealed on the moon by using Selene) as the pre-civilization era were destroyed before even able to use those cores. The cores from God Keys does work independently from 14th Herrscher cores, thus they are not dissipated away although there are new Herrscher from current civilization with the same Herrscher title and ability.

1st God Key - Key of Revelation

1st God Key - Void Archives

Void Wanzang

Sealed Void Library

Originally acquired by the first ancestor of the Apocalypse family in Asia, it cannot be used since "only the person with the highest wisdom can unlock its seal".

After the death of first generation ancestor, before Otto came to the Apocalypse family church for Kallen, he worshiped it as a sacred object.

Status: Active

Users: Gautama (Buddha), Otto Apocalypse

Using requirement: Fundamental understanding of synthesis and creation

Known abilities:

  • Mimicry: Using the power of the first Herrscher, Void Archive is able to reform itself into another object, mainly God Keys. The ability of the copy is comparable to the original item.
  • Centuries of Knowledge: This God Key created an archive of all knowledge from previous eras. This ability requires understanding of complex sciences and broad literary ability.
  • Mimic Reality: This allows entry into a virtual world which works as a near life-like retelling of the events. The key can unlock a virtual world of the life of a Valkyrja with natural stigmata. It is said that a portion of the true soul of the Valkyrja will remain forever in that virtual world reliving their life.

2nd God Key - Unnamed Locomotive

2nd Locomotive

Also known as Excalibur in Arthur's Legend, Arthur and Merlin used this God Key to find a place called Avalon.

This God Key is used to travel between many world bubbles and Sea of Quanta.

Status: Active

Users: Merlin, 2nd God Key holder

Using Requirement: Unknown

Abilities: Spacetime manipulation

3rd God Key - Unnamed Sniper Rifle

3rd God Key

Status: Damaged

User(s): Raven

Using Requirements: Unknown


  • High-voltage shots of electricity that reduce the target to atomic levels (capable of destroying entire Otto Soulium avatar)

6th God Key - Key of Creation

6th God Key - Black Abyss White Flower

White Flower and Black Flower

Black Abyss

Black Abyss (sword form)

White Flower

White Flower

The weapon is actually two God Keys created from the Core of Tranquility. The Herrscher has the power over decay and reconstitution, or Death. It has 2 different forms: Split form and Ultimate form. If the wielder has the talent to use both, they can virtually control life and death.

Status: Active

User(s): SU, Eleanor Schariac (Black Abyss spear form), Reanna BrigantiaCecilia Schariac, Shigure Kira (Black Abyss sword form), Durandal

Using requirement: High Vitality, the key will decay equal to its regeneration. Recommended for S-Rank Valkyrja and Natural Stigmata bearers.


  • Sword/Spear - Black Abyss: Decompose everything
  • Lance - White Flower: Regeneration and recovery (only living objects)
  • Ultimate form: Merge 2 God Keys into 1 Ultimate God Key, the power is far more than its split form. In case of emergency, user can split it to 2 God Keys.
  • Passive ability: If the target got damaged from Black Abyss or Ultimate form, the damage can only be recovered through White Flower. Completely decomposed target cannot be revived.

7th God Key - Key of Destruction series

7th God Key - Judgement of Shamash / Cleaver of Shamash

Holy Skyfire

This key was built from the Gem of Haste. It was so powerful, it was needed to be split into two. In the separated form of the Key, it is known as the twin guns, Judgement of Shamash. The two guns can be combined which will transform them into the Cleaver of Shamash with altered abilities.

Status: Active

Users: Kaslana family - Kevin Kaslana, Francis Kaslana, Siegfried Kaslana, Kiana Kaslana

Using requirement: Requires certain degree of Houkai and Fire resistances.


  • Realtime power notification: Due to this weapon draining power too fast, Fire Moth have designed a real-time power notification system to warn user when low in power.
  • Ambient charging: Can gather Houkai power.
  • Judgement of Shamash: Requires Houkai power to use it, slowly burns away the life of the user when using it.
  • Cleaver of Shamash: Fuse dual guns into claymore form with increased firepower.

7th God Key - 0th Judgement of Shamash: Might of An-Utu

Might of An-utu comic

The Zeroth power of this God Key after removing its limiter and charge to ~300% power of original Cleaver of Shamash. The God Key is capable of completely obliterating the Houkai radiation left by the second Herrscher.

Users: Patriarch of Kaslana family: Kevin Kaslana, Francis Kaslana, Siegfried Kaslana.

Using requirement: Requires extreme Houkai and Fire resistances.


  • One blow is enough to destroy a city.

8th God Key - Key of Consciousness

8th God Key - Phoenix Down (Hairclip)


After being taken out by Kevin with Shamash, Dr MEI turned the 8th Herrscher Core into this Key and gave it to Fu Hua to be her personal Key. No one besides Fu hua and MEI know how the Key works, therefore Otto cannot replicate this Key and he does not know its full potential.

Status: Active

User: Fu Hua

User Requirement:

  • High vitality drainage when used, continuous usage will lead to death.
  • If nearing death or using "Water's Edge", the user have to pay the cost of memories of that previous life.


  • "Feather Down": Whelling the brain and any messages it will send to the body. Any target of the mental manipulation may notice ember feathers in their memories.
  • Base Esper: Using her Feather Down ability, she can pick a target and communicate directly with their thoughts and send visions.
  • Phoenix Dust: Before imminent death, Fu hua will manipulate her own consciousness and channel all of her energy into healing and protection.

8th God Key - Phoenix Down (Fist)

Phoenix Down Fist

Phoenix Down Fist weapon

As the Key of Consciousness, every illusion that Phoenix Down made is indistinguishable. The intensity of the attack, the damage done to the target, every details generated by this God Key will make the enemy's brain believe it is true.

Abilities: Same as hair clip variant.

9th God Key - Key of Devouring series

9th God Key - Dual Star of Eden

Eden Double Stars render

The weapon was used by SU during the fight between him and Kevin 1500 years ago. Due to Might of An-Utu's supreme power, Kevin easily destroyed the pistols without much hassle.

Status: Destroyed

User: SU

9th God Key - Eden Star (Orb)

Eden Star

Placeholder image with a cloned Eden Star, the actual one have blue color instead.

A God Key weapon made using the core of the 9th Herrscher capable of manipulating gravity itself. First unearthed in the Yellowstone Ruins, it was later acquired by scientists of Schicksal North America Branch. The weapon played a vital role in the subsequent split and independence of Anti-Entropy.

Status: Highly unstable, damaged, turned into a cannon.

Users: Lieserl Albert Einstein, Welt Joyce (cloned Eden Star), Welt Yang (cloned Eden Star)

User Requirement: High dexterity, does internal damage.


  • Command of Eden: The power of gravity manipulation.
  • Cognitive Destructing: Launch gravitational force to a horde of enemies.
  • Barrage of Reason: Launch gravitational force and focus it on a single target, dealing massive damage.
  • Animus Nocendi: Mindstorm of Terror: Emit a strong gravitational force into an area. Welt claim to be able to breach the Aegis of Æsir.
  • Quasi Black Hole: Creates a miniature black hole that can absorb as much as the User can endure.
  • Time Dilation: Stand near a black hole created by this God Key will cause Time Dilation

9th God Key - Star of Eden (Cannon)

Eden Star render

Originally had a spherical external stabilizer, but it was severely damaged in a battle in 1955, and was later transformed into a cannon-like device by Einstein and Tesla.

Status: Active

Users: Bronya Zaychik

10th God Key - Key of Domination series

Among the God Keys, the 10th God Key - Key of Domination - is a mass-produced God Key made from the cores of the 10th Herrscher(s), the "Herrscher of Domination", also referred to as the "Herrscher of Legion". Due to the material that constitutes the God Key - "Soulium" - being made up of nano-robots have the ability to change forms, the 10th God Key has been shown in three forms, known as "Xuanyuan Sword", "Grips of Taixuan", and "Water's Edge".

Status: Most of these weapons were destroyed.

10th God Key - Xuanyuan Sword

Xuanyuan Sword

The Xuanyuan Sword is mostly identical to the original form of the other 10th God Keys with the exception of having six gems containing the powers of different Herrschers embedded within it.

Status: Xuanyuan Sword has been stolen by Anti-Entropy.

Users: Ji Xuanyuan, Murata Himeko

Using requirement:

  • Having knowledge to use its powers.
  • Having stigmata or MANTIS powers in order to use its full power, otherwise it would look like a mid-tier weapon without any special abilities.


  • Thousand of Keys: As there are 1000 Herrscher pieces, Fire Moth has turned all of them to 1000 Keys. However most of them are broken or missing.
  • Elemental Control: Possesses the ability to control 6 elements including Thunder, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and Sky. As time progresses and specific conditions, the power of the God Key increase.
  • Nano Technology: As "Soulium" is made from nano-robots, this weapon can transform into any other type of weapon depending on who uses it. In Fu Hua case, it would change to fist form.
  • Summon Clones (in-game Himeko boss): Owner of this weapon can summon clones, however, each clone only have a specific elemental and far weaker than the original user.
  • Increase Power: The sword itself gives owner many powers including increase both attack and defense power, able to cast magic and increase reflexes.

10th God Key - Grips of Taixuan

Fist of Taixu

Status: Active

User: Fu Hua

Using requirement: same as Xuanyuan Sword


The abilities of the Grips of Taixuan are the same as the Xuanyuan Sword.

10th God Key - Water's Edge

Water Sword

Status: Destroyed during the 2nd Houkai War

Users: Fu Hua, Lier, Cheng Lixue

Using requirement:

Like the Xuanyuan sword, you need to have the knowledge to use its powers, and you have to have a Stigmata or MANTIS powers.


Water manipulation

11th God Key - Key of Binding series

11th God Key - Oath of Judah

This is the signature god key used by Kallen and Theresa, used to weaken and seal enemies. The Oath of Judah is made of Soulium.

Users: Kallen Kaslana, Theresa Apocalypse

Using requirement:

The Oath of Judah can only be used for justice. For example, Kallen Kaslana using it against Fu Hua won't work because it is not for justice.


  • Restriction: Limit and weaken the energy intensity, including the Houkai energy
  • Imprisonment: Sealing target.


  • The Oath of Judah weighs 152 kg. (335.103 pounds)

11th God Key - 0th Oath of Judah

0th Oath of Judah

User: Theresa Apocalypse

Using requirement: Extremely high resistance during casting 0th power. It has a low penalty on a normal human, the moderate penalty for Valkyrja and the highest penalty for warriors with Honkai DNA and Herrscher.


  • Elysion Pedion: Create a region where every kind of power inside it will be halted. In case of the 2nd Houkai War, it was proved to entirely disable Herrscher power.
  • Imprisonment: Sealing target.

11th God Key - Pledge of Sakura

Fox Teri with Sakura Oath

A combination between Oath of Judah and Sakura's stigmata power to create a special version of the God Key.

Using requirement: Same as original but also require 12th God power to turn it into Pledge of Sakura.

User: Theresa Apocalypse

Using requirement: Power of the 12th Herrscher


  • Lesser Restriction: Limit and weaken the energy intensity but not strong as the original Judah's Oath.
  • Sakura Blade: Attack nearby enemies with Sakura Sword at very high speed.

12th God Key - Key of Corruption

12th God Key - Jizo Mitama

Jizo Sword

This God Key contains the core of 12th Herrscher, Higokumaru which can project her consciousness into anything and everything.

User: None, Yae Sakura gave the sword up to the real world.

Ability: Summons Jizo Spirit

Unnumbered God Key

Unnumbered God Key - Hollow (Blank, Void) Armor

Hollow Armor is a special armor that absorbs any Herrscher power from it's core or God key. It was the first prototype therefore, there is very high risk of death when using it. Since it was proven to be more dangerous than advantageous it was put aside to be augmented.

Status: Highly unstable, destroyed

User: Dr. MEI

Using requirement: Requires very high endurance depending on element and Herrscher Core placed in the armor. It also requires at least 2 hours of gem bonding to be fully charged.


  • Void Counter: Upon placing a Herrscher core or wielding a god key, the armor will absorb the element and deliver a larger damage output of the same element.

Unnumbered God Key - Scarlet Knight - Striker Flame

Schicksal found the Hollow Armor and used the design as the base of the 4th Generation God Killer Valkyrja Battlesuits. The original Armor was implanted with the Gem of Haste and given a wing-like external blade system to create the Scarlet Knight - Striker Flame armor.

Later the armor was used in chapter 9 where Himeko fought against the Herrscher of the Void.

Status: Destroyed in Chapter 9 main story

User(s): Murata Himeko

Using requirement: Requires high Fire resistance.

In-game available God Keys

2nd Anniversary Limited Event - Reburn

Special version of original God Keys, first beta was server-wide usable, then later fixed to be only able to unlock and usable during "Reburn" event of version 2.6

These God Keys have its genetic restriction removed, allow to release even more destructive power than the original.
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