Outfit Story

Valkyrie Mist Project

  • Valkyrie Mist (VM), a special module for storing Houkai energy, was added to the Valkyrie-style equipment. This module is combined with a female Valkyrie body to strengthen their physical abilities or to use weapons based on Houkai.
    Despite many years of research conducted by the Anti-Entropy organization, the Houkai energy can only exist as a source of bio-energy. Without the cooperation of the female Valkyrie, the VM module cannot use with any weapon.
  • However, scientists of the Destiny found that other energy sources can be used to strengthen the Houkai energy. This is called Nexus System.
    The Nexus System uses nuclear energy and uses powerful currents to stimulate the VM modules and increase the output of Houkai energy, further enhancing the power of Valkyrie's physical ability and the power of the weapons used. Himeko is actively experimenting with the Nexus project and is undergoing further physical transformation.

Nuclear Fusion - Scarlet

Nuclear Fusion

  • By using Nuclear energy, the Fusion armor can deliver deadly power to Emperor-level Houkai beast or even a weak Ruler.

Fusion - Scarlet

  • Based on the old-fashioned Valkyrie armor, it is equipped with a special armor made of the "Nexus System" still under test. It has a heavy-armed full-load type and a light-handle type that is easy to move.
    As a completely enhanced specialization system, the "Nexus System" has almost no design for security purposes, so the Far East Branch also listed the system as the last resort.
  • In the lightweight form, the armor can be operated independently. If you want to use the real power of the "Nexus system", you must connect it to a large energy supply device in full state.
    When it was powered by battleship-class energy, its output power will reach a level above the Emperor-level Houkai beast, however if the suit is operated for a long time, the armor itself will be in danger of being overloaded.
  • Despite this, Himeko will not hesitate to launch this dangerous armor in the face of a tough enemy.

Fusion - Origin

Fusion - Origin

  • This is the First Prototype Fusion-class Battlesuit designed to accommodate massive amounts of power. Not many of these suits are around nowadays.

Fusion - Scarlet Mist

  • The Valkyrie in red armor wields a giant, heavy sword. Like a red mist, she sweeps across the battlefield.

Summer Party

  • Even when overwhelmed by work, a female warrior can never forget to change her attire. Who knows, maybe she'll be able to go to the summer party this evening and have a romantic adventure?
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